When do the next generation GPUs drop?


The last time AMD was really on top was the 5850/5870 generation, and that was late 2009. That was an amazing generation for AMD and they stayed solidly ahead until 2011. Unfortunately they haven’t been at the pole position since then-- they had great price/performance at spots, like the 7850, but their highest-end generally lost to the green team either straight-up in performance or in heat/power at similar performance.

That’s why Nvidia is indulging in fucknuttery like increasing their prices every generation, doing “Founder’s Editions”, and so on. Without competition, consumers lose out.


So looks like a bunch of volatility hit the mining scene with Etherium prices dropping and difficulty shooting through the roof. Other digital currency having “issues” too. So maybe keep an eye on EBay for some suddenly good deals on cards soon.


Mind, these’ll be cards that have been running at 100% 24/7 in some guy’s poorly ventilated basement/dungeon for the last three months, so “good” deal may be a bit iffy. . .


got myself a new GPU and found out it was too long to fit into my ATX casing… what the… anyway, why do modern casing (mine is not modern) still have so many disk drive bays especially optical ones (5.25). They are getting in the way of these uber GPUs!!


The modern casings should allow removal of drive bays. Check that first before thinking all is lost.

Edit: I recently did that with my Coolmaster Case. It allows me to change my 5inch bays to a 3inch bays with a bit of adjustments.


Mine is secured by rivets. I don’t think it can be removed :(
I need a new case.


Get a modern one =).


Absolutely. And my heart is set on this Fractal Design Define R5. It’s just so beautiful.


Having bought one of those when I really couldn’t quite afford it on the passionate advice of several folks here, I’ve gotta say it’s super worth it!


Yeah, great case. I’m sitting next to one right now.


yup, I found that thread here… so yeah, I am definitely eyeing this one. Windowed or none windowed? Window for purely aesthetic and non Windowed will have sound dampening layer.


Those are the tradeoffs, yep. Choose whichever you prefer. I went for non-windowed.


Yeah, people often forget how important it is to get fresh air into your dungeon. You don’t want some runaway mold problem. Just make sure to keep all ventilation ports covered with bars and everything will be fine.


Haven’t checked this thread in awhile, so no 4k 60fps card available yet at $400 or less?


no, prices have, in fact, escalated, due to Ethereum mining!


Wait isn’t that the stuff from the Command and Conquer games? :D


Close. It’s actually from X-COM, but I can see where you would get confused.


Looks like etherium has lost half its value in the past month, so maybe the supply will get better


I wish I could have waited for the R5.i like my R4 a lot, but still. …


I expect my R5 and current PC investment to last 10 years. I don’t think I’ll regret not waiting for R6 or R7, lol