When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Well sure, except that’s complete hogwash.


They should market a Founder’s edition of that card with miner’s hat and vintage lantern included.


Oh no, when your currency of choice crashes, you start mining a newer currency.


Ethereum price is on the rise again! We are all doomed!


You sir, get my LIKE for the day!


Yeah, I assume GPU prices will remain fucked for a while. Awesome.


Bitcoin hasn’t been GPU minable for a while I thought.


As someone who decided about a month ago that he wanted a new video card let me just say “fuck this.”

Everything is out of stock and the few places that cards are selling them for premiums over MSRP. I keep waiting for this madness to end and supply to catch up with demand.


Bitcoin is all giant Chinese farms running custom hardware, but plenty of other coins use GPUs, often by intent (the idea being GPUs are more distributed than custom hardware and so the mining is more distributed among amateurs).



Vega has finally been announced-- and holy crap, it uses up to 345 watts! Compare that to 250w for the 1080ti. Releases August 14.

Of course no benchmarks yet. However, leaks suggest it will approach much closer to 1080 (non-ti) than 1070, which is much better than previously expected from vega frontier edition leaks. Unclear if those leaked benchmarks are for the $499 Vega 64 or the $699 Vega 64 liquid-cooled version. If the $499 card competes with the 1080 AMD has a decent product here, albeit at vastly higher power consumption-- the 1080 has a 180w TDP, compared to a whopping 295w for the Vega 64 air-cooled.

Anandtech suggest supply of non-bundled cards will be extremely limited at first. So if you want a Vega 64 before October, reasonably expect to add $100 to the $499 price in exchange for Wolfenstein and Prey and a couple discount coupons for hardware.


Man, I am pretty impressed with the Ryzen release and seriously considering upgrading my six years old i5 to that platform, but goddamn their gpu offerings consistently look like a pile of shit for so long now.

I’m rooting for AMD simply because competition is good and the way it had been close to a decade is all Intel and Nvidia.


so much fail.

remember how the 9700 pro and 9800 pro were so good? i ran the 9700 pro on a shuttle pc with a 220w psu for the entire system.


Actually I do. I believe that was the last generation of AMD hardware I actually owned was around that time. I still have the steam account I created for the free copy of hl2 I got with the card.

They were still Radeon at the time, but I also had an an amd cpu until whatever my next build was once Intel dropped the c2duos and started to crush them.


AMD’s argument seems to be that they’re offering 1080-class performance at the same price ($499), and if you get a freesync monitor you’ll save $200 over a g-sync monitor, and who really cares about power consumption anyway?

But you won’t be able to buy one for <$599 for the first couple of months and people do care about power consumption. Of course it comes third after performance and price, but it is a factor.

No doubt that freesync is a legitimate competitive advantage for AMD.


Heh, thinking back, I was a bit of an nVidia fanboy. I think my graphics card progress went something like:

Diamond Matrox 2mb card in ~97, which was shortly thereafter subbed for a Riva 128 (Nvidia) when we realized how bad it was. However, the 128’s 3D performance was pretty subpar, so we added in a VooDoo2 in '98. Around 2000 or 2001, we picked up something in the GeForce2 line–I wanna say the GTS.In 2003, I got my last graphics card for a long time in the form of a GeForce 5600Ultra, which I was super proud of at the time. In 2006, while moving back to TN from my freshman year of college, my venerable old desktop–a continuous frankenstein since my first modern PC in 96–died in the mail, and that was that till. . . 2009!

At which point I got a 4870, which was eventually upgraded to a 6870 around 2012, and then to a R9 290x bought from @wumpus last year. Which I guess puts me at 3x NVidia, 3x AMD, and 1x VooDoo. My next card decides my true loyalty, then?


Man, the GeForce and GeForce 2 blew my damn mind back in The Year 2000 or whenever it was. Some of the best “holy shit I live in the future” moments of my life.


Yeah, for sure. The VooDoo2 was revelatory for me since it was really the first hardware 3D I had that, you know, worked. The Riva technically included it, but my processor (I was probably still on a Cyrix 686 at the time) was better. So I stayed up all night Christmas night when I got it playing some shitty 3D alien fighter shoot-em-down game and thinking shit was cash. Unreal was also pretty astounding, in fairness, though it taxed the system badly.

But those two GeForce cards in the early 00s? Holy shit that was the real fuckin business.


Goddamn, dude, you had a worse boner for using shitty underdog tech products than I did. And I had a fucking knockoff PowerMac during that brief period where Apple was allowing clones.

e: Ugh, maybe not. That was quite a machine, it was.


So when we got our first modern Windows machine, dad and I pored over every single listing in like 3 monthly issues of Computer Shopper together–back when it was a 500-page tome with 300 pages of black-and-white listings from mom and pop shops all over the country.

We were ambitious, gunning for 16mb of RAM, a whopping 2.5GB hard drive, so some sacrifices had to be made. The Cyrix wasn’t bad, but when my cousin built a PC a year later with a Pentium, it blew our PC out of the water. We didn’t upgrade till 2000 or so, IIRC. Which, uh, sucked :)


I think my first graphics card was a 3DFX, 100GBP of pure joy back in the day.