When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Hmm, not much different from my non-TI 1080 especially since I got rid of the 4K 60hz GSYNC monitor and am just using a single 144hz GSYNC now at 2560x1440.

I guess it’s time to 2x SSAA ALL THE GAMES.


Oh I guess I can do 60fps at Ultra in Forza Horizon 3 now and 30fps in Quantum Break.


So did you already sell off the non-Ti 1080? Asking for a friend… :-D


No, I haven’t sold it yet.


What would you pay for a 10 month old 1080? Asking for a friend.


I wonder if a 1080ti gets playable framerates in Dishonored 2.


…depends on the CPU you pair it with. ;)


Scotch finally got for Rosh Hashana gift his latest and greatest GPU.


He looks quite satisfied


Anyone have experience with this card? It has no backplate, but I’ve had good luck with MSI and the price isn’t too crazy. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16814127945
I’d probably eventually use it with a 1440p monitor. 4k’s a bit rich for my blood.


Backplates either offer zero benefit or act as insulators, hurting your temps. So that’s not a bad thing.

That particular MSI armor has notoriously poor cooling. I would not buy it.

Looking at newegg right now, I would probably go for the Gigabyte G1 at $559. If you’re really price-sensitive go for the GIgabyte with WF in the name. The cheaper gigabyte appears to be a reference blower, even though the picture says it isn’t.


Thanks for the reply-- so then, given its backplate, the MSI Gaming X for the same price after rebate as the Gigabyte should also be avoided? (Also for some reason the MSI is a full inch “fatter”–due to the backplate I assume).
Man, these prices-- makes one want to start “mining” just to defray the cost of these things.


If installed properly, backplates don’t really hurt anything, they just add a bit of cost and don’t help either. The only notable brand in this generation with poorly installed backplates was EVGA, and they quickly fixed the problem. I had one of them and was not pleased.

The MSI Gaming X is fine. The specific Armor variant you linked to has like 1060-class cooling. Many review sites recommend it for aftermarket water cooling because it’s a reference PCB, cheap, and you’re throwing out the stock cooler anyway.


The only reason I’d kind of prefer a backplate (as long as it doesn’t hurt cooling) is because of the 11-in length of the card–I worry about sag.

Can anyone recommend a good 1440 monitor (IPS panel preferred)?


With or without gsync? Actually, with a 1080 driving 1440, don’t know that gsync would be as big a benefit anyway (since framerate shouldn’t be a problem unless you are really cranking up everything).


G-sync is nice even with a GTZ1080 at 1440p because it allows you to absolutely motherf’in max out those settings on a very high refreshrate monitor and never have to worry about tearing or stuttering. If my FPS drops below 144, which does happen quite frequently, it still looks smooth as butter.

Cheap 27" 1440p IPS - $299

G-Sync 27" 1440p 144Hz TN - $523 (I have one of these myself, but got it refurb for less.)

G-Sync 27" 1440p 165Hz IPS - $789


I have the Acer and love it.


I’ve heard all the 27 IPS GSYNC are the same panel source, so just get the cheapest one with a solid return policy in case you get a lemon.


Cripes, $789–does it come with a free HJ too? Then again, I paid nearly 700 bucks 20 years ago for a Sony Trinitron multisync CRT monitor. with a maximum 1024x768 resolution. :-/

This hobby is expensive. Hey, it’s cheaper than having a boat!


I have the Dell, and while it is TN, TN has come a long way-- it looks really fantastic. Better color saturation than the Korean PLS (Samsung’s version of IPS) LCD I have sitting next to it. I wouldn’t pay 50% more for IPS.