When do the next generation GPUs drop?




Thanks for the monitor recommendation, stusser and Misguided. I’ll keep it in mind if I end up pulling the trigger on this stuff.


Happy to see that Scotch has scored another sweet endorsement deal!
Also I see your avatar has changed at some point. :)


Not my choice, the ruler decreed the profile pics of all accounts shall be made in his image.


Thanks for this recommendation. Locally, the only Dell available with G-Sync is a TN one but I was hesitant over TN as I have TN panel all my life. I’d really want to try IPS for my next monitor but not one of the Dell’s G-Sync have IPS. I think we have very limited choice here.


MSRP $450, same price as what the 1070 originally was. I wonder if this means it will be possible to find 1070 for cheaper now once this comes out? Or are we still in the cryptocurrency bubble?


Who knows. But unless the 1070’s drop to 350 or something, why not skip it and buy one of these “almost 1080s” (assuming one can find one, and that the specs fit the rumors–I haven’t checked).


This is Nvidia flexing its muscles and really sticking it hard to AMD. The Vega56 is roughly 1070 speeds with a MSRP of $399, compared to $379 for the 1070. But you can’t actually buy a Vega56 for anywhere near that price due to miners.

The 1070ti is basically equivalent to a non-overclocked 1080… or to put a finer point on it, a Vega64.

There’s no reason to drop prices on the 1070 as they have zero competition in the market.


The weird thing is that the 1070ti is only $50 less than the 1080, at which point, you might as well spring for the 1080, because it’s faster, it has the faster memory (GDDR5X vs GDDR5), and because of that memory, it is actually less desirable for the miners out there. (GDDR5X has an issue with mining, apparently).


Thank heavens.


Yeah, the flip side is that the 1070 Ti is probably going to have a massive run on them because it uses GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X.


If it costs more than a 1080, don’t buy it.



Nicehash claim they were hacked. My coworker logged in this morning since Bitcoin value has gone up a lot lately, so he wanted to see how much his $280 worth of bitcoin were worth today. They’re all gone.


Yes, they were either hacked or the owners stole all the money. Came out to he around sixty million dollars US as of a couple days ago-- probably worth 90 million or more today given how Bitcoin is bubbling lately.



When you see that sort of appreciation (28% in 39 hours) it’s hard not to laugh when people talk about BTC being some sort of serious currency alternative.


Yeah, it’s completely insane how quickly it’s appreciating. No relation to reality.


Like stock markets, when someone make money, someone else loses. With this insane appreciation, there must be some poor sod who lost a ton. But you don’t hear about it though. I hope nobody lost their lives over this crypto currency.


Nobody’s losing except the victims of theft and those that got out early. Of course when the bubble inevitably collapses, that will change.


I have to constantly remind my friend who is sad he sold at $1k he only sold at $1k because he forgot he even had bitcoins. If he remembered he had bitcoins he would have sold it at $200 or even $500 because no one that isn’t a zealot could realistically predict it would even get to that amount, let alone $17k.


Here you go @wumpus time to get a new card, can I have your old one? ;)