When do you break it to a girl that you're a dork?

It’s pretty clear that her attitude is that games are dumb and for smelly guys who live in thier mom’s basements. Well, here’s hoping I’m cute enough that she will put up with it.

A good woman can center a man, pull him away from spending so much time with his video games, making him less of a gaming dork.

A good woman will call you out on being a dork pretty quickly, and then you can point out that she’s obviously highly attracted to dorks, particularly when they are as awesome as you are.

Never. Go into the closet until your’e at least 40.

I’m having a hard time parsing your subject line, but I think the question was when you break up with her?

A good woman will suggest that for valentines day you stay in and eat pizza and play video games.

If she can’t be understanding of your hobbies, what’s the point? But what do you mean by ‘a dork’? Playing video games? Is that even considered dorky anymore? I suppose if SHE thinks so, that’s enough for this situation. But I would say break it to her sooner, while still showing that it doesn’t actually make you a dork. Unless, you actually DO live in your mom’s basement, in which case that would be a hard sell.

The only woman I’ve dated that actually thought “video games are stupid, I hope you don’t play video games” says she saw actual lives ruined by videogames, like a good friend who started playing WoW and some other bum that only ever played videogames with his spare time.

Are you either of those? Because if you are, you may want to consider backing up a bit and toning it down.

It kinda goes along with how my best friend’s wife hates marijuana, even though he smokes and he’s a fully functional human being. Except, her brother smoked pot for years while she was growing up and acted like a dumbass, so now she has it fully ingrained that pot = dumbass.

Break it to her soon so that you can kick her to the curb if she has a problem with it.

I’d be in a world of hurt if I hadn’t found a woman who likes dorks.

This would be my advice as well.

You are who you are. She should be comfortable with it and you should be able to share it. If not, cya later.

Kick her to the curb when the sex gets old.

No, seriously. By the time it gets to sex, if she hasn’t found out by then, you two have no intellectual connection anyway.

Wait until your first lovemaking session, and if she isn’t impressed by green condoms with the face of Yoda on the end of them then she probably isn’t worth your time.

If you really enjoy gaming, there is no reason to be with a woman who won’t put up with it. Life is too short to deal with that.

Also, what Aaron said is very true.

I say go for rodeo sex. First time you get her in the sack, go doggy style, wait until you’re both really into it and then slap her hard on the ass and scream “QUICK STARFOX! DO A BARREL ROLL!”

Try to hang on long enough to get off.

This will pretty much accomplish everything.*

*If she DOES a barrel roll, marry her.


Remind her that dorks often have bigger porks! (say it just like this for extra points)

If you had just mentioned that you enjoy playing games now and again when she first mentioned her dislike for gaming she probably would just have gotten embarrassed and a bit flustered, you could have laughed it off and it would never have been an issue.

I can see the FML now - “Today I was out on a date with my crush and put my foot in it by saying I hate gamers. He’s a gamer. I hope he still likes me. FML”

Now it just looks like you were being a disingenious asshole.

Before you edited your post for some reason, you mentioned a gamer pile. How big are we talking, here?

That’s Gomer to you, buddy.

Haha…this thread is hilarious. Pogo, I edited the post since I meant it fairly light heartedly and it read too much like this was a serious issue.

For the record, I’m not actually worried about this in any real way, but I can tell she’s a bit mystified by the gamer pile (lot’s of Rock Band gear, 2 consoles, and a race wheel). I do get the sense that she was a bit like “good god, what is all that crap, is this guy just some sort of shut in?”