When do you break it to a girl that you're a dork?

Damn, I can’t place it. What’s DotA? Sounds like an MMO.

Defense of the Ancients. Warcraft 3 mod. there was even a song written about it

I’m pretty glad I don’t know even what DotA is.

[Edit]: And now I have Roger on ignore. Jerk!

I’m so fortunate to have found my wife. She wants to go out to dinner tonight but she recognizes that I have God of War 3 but haven’t played it yet. She promises we’ll make it quick so I can get some quality time in with Kratos.

Love her so much!

The problem with DotA and similar games is that, as Tim James noted above, it can’t be paused. It’s a team real-time strategy game, which means if you step away, or, god forbid, disconnect, you’ve screwed 9 other people out of a perfectly good game. A game can last from 30 minutes to, in some cases, something like 2 1/2 hours. The average time for a complete game is probably around an hour.

And if you disconnect half-way through, you’ve wasted not only your own time, but also 9 other people’s time, a few of whom probably also have nagging girlfriends waiting to spend some time with them. Plus you get tagged as a leaver, and nobody likes leavers.

Daaaaaaaamn right. If she doesn’t accept you for who you are, she isn’t for you. Period.

Yeah, this is why I stick to round-based multiplayer. I already get enough crap for not coming to the door when the gf comes over just because I this close to getting another AC130. Goddamit.

Which is also why I don’t play L4D.

I like that a banner ad for this thread is for Geek 2 Geek, a dating service.

Then you should. L4D handles this in a way that other games should copy. You can’t pause but, if you don’t do anything for a short period of time, the computer takes over for you until you come back.

You’re kidding. That’s freaking awesome.

Do the other players get notified when a teammate goes on autopilot?

In my case, they would just think I suddenly got a lot better.

Yes, it says AFK, if I remember correctly. You can also vote to boot folks if, for example, they never come back.

My wife and I have struggled with this – well, “struggled” in that “it bugs her when I play multiplayer games,” not “our marriage is a sham!” I don’t play many multiplayer games; Madden in the QT3 league and occasional Company of Heroes/Crackdown/Madden with my friends. When I’ve got the headset on and I’m talking to someone and it’s fairly intense, she feels cut off from me, and she doesn’t like that. When I’m playing Fall From Heaven or Civilization IV or something turn-based like that, it’s not a problem and I can do that for hours, because I can also talk to her and we can watch TV together and I’m still spending time with her, not just off in my own little world.

I never got into the raiding or really any consistent group stuff in MMOs because of this - I didn’t want to basically shut myself off from her for hours each week. But we have a great time exploring the MMOs together with duo characters.

Balance, in all things. I’ve had to change my gaming habits since now there’s someone else who factors in so heavily to my free time, and she’s had to change hers, too.

Great, I couldn’t get the dota song out of my head, so Iput it on repeat in Rhapsody hoping repetition would make me get tired of it.

But it’s been at least an hour now, at least 20 times on repeat, and I’m still singing and bopping along to it while I write network docs…

“Vi Sitter här i venten o spelar lite Dota o pushar på o smeker med moståndet vi leker,
Vi Sitter här i venten o spelar lite Dota o springer runt o creepar o motståndet vi sleepar”

Damn you El Guapo.

I hear you, man.

Yeah, seriously. Damn you all…

Maybe I can help! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/rebecca-mayes-muses/821-Bionic-Commando

Really? Must have to have been there. That song sucks.