When does the rest of the world celebrate Halloween?


It seems the rest of the world is a few months behind the US.

It is nice to see that the entire world knows the word kazaa, but is too terrified to try www.kazaa.com.

Other favorite, japan - Skate Canada?


Similar stats here:


I think that most other countries celebrate Halloween the week after they celebrate the Fourth of July. FYI.

What really astounds me is the consistently popular searches on Shakira. Who is keeping track of Shakira? Apparently, EVERYONE.

What a rube! Other countries don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. In fact, most countries celebrate Halloween 30 days before they celebrate Thanksgiving.

Haha, while saying Halloween is only a US holiday so my post is in error is great fun - i have to ask, why in the hell are they all searching for it? Od did you not bother to follow the link?

Do you think those random characters mean something else in a united euro? Seriously, why in the hell does every other country have Halloween as their #1 search item for this past week?

I could see Halloween Naked Drunk Pictures - or some other series of words, but just Halloween?


Looks like some sort of bug in their software. The results are exactly the same for all countries going back to October 23rd. When a Halloween search would have been eerily relevant.

My guess is its something like a movie. Halloween: Resurrection was released on DVD December 10. Maybe it was a worldwide release. Of course, the only problem with that theory is it’s such a lousy movie. But I bet its something like that.

Or, maybe the fact that it was such a poor movie does explain it. Everyone is looking for a context to the title to explain why they don’t get the stupid movie.

Joking aside, I have no clue why all those countries were searching for stuff about Halloween. When I lived in Australia (when I was 10-13), I tried to get them to celebrate Halloween. Some friends and I got costumes and went trick-or-treating…about 10% of the houses knew what Halloween was and had candy, but the rest thought we were freaks. One guy happened to be having a party that night and thought we were a singing telegram. He invited us in, we all sang, they had no candy so they gave us beer. It was fun.

They tried to celebrate it again this year in Australia. In our street a couple of kids and their parents walked from door to door but most people told them to either go away or didn’t give them anything.

I simply turned off my doorbell so I could pretend no one was home.

So why is Halloween celebrated ? To generate revenue for sweets companies ?

It’s the autumn solstice.

You NEVER celebrate the spring solstice, though. Rather, you fear it; the spring solstice is the time of year when curses come true.

Huh. I remember skipping around a May pole in the spring when I was in elementry school. Weird thing about it was I went to Catholic elementry school, and dancing around the May pole seems about as pagen a celebration as ever there was.

So why is Halloween celebrated ? To generate revenue for sweets companies ?

In places like detroit it is an excuse to set cars on fire.

But in most places, it just an excuse to let the kids dress up and pretend to be someone else, and for the adults to drink and accidentally grope someone who they thought was their wife.

It is a pagan holiday.


But isn’t that closer to the summer solstice? The spring solstice (is it even called that?) is February 2nd or something like that, Imbolc (I might be way off with this).
Any pagan around who knows his or her ungodly celebrations? ;)

Quick! To The Wicker Man!

The ones in spring and fall aren’t solstices, those are equinoxes. Besides, the autum equinox occurs at the end of September. I realize the Celts or druids or whoever had their math all wrong and marked their calenders for November 1st. Samhain, a festival of fire or something. Basically an excuse to get drunk and cross dress. This is one of those pagan holidays the Catholic church tried to co-op by movie a Christian holiday to the same date (Christmas is the same deal, I think). In this case All Saints’ Day was transplanted to November 1 and the night before became All Hollow’s Eve. The ghosts and pranks/trick or treating are holdovers from sort of ancester worship (like the Day of the Dead observed in Latin America) and reverence (you might call it) for spirits of mischeif. Actually, the actual Trick-Or-Treat thing was sort of extortion that appeared during the depression.

How do I know this? Searched for Halloween Origins on Google. In December no less!

Well done, Mr Grenz!

I didn’t know that ! So do you get some Christian religions in the States protesting against Halloween ?

I didn’t know that ! So do you get some Christian religions in the States protesting against Halloween ?[/quote]

well, many christian organizations ask that their members celebrate Fall Festival rather than Halloween. other than the name change, most of them still let their kids trick or treat.

as usual, it is easier to practice hypocrisy rather than face telling your kids the truth…thus you get the celebration of the birth of Jesus on a co-opted date which was historically a pagan festival.

oh yeah while we’re at it, let’s lie to our kids about the existence of Santa. you can always tell them the truth later and then rationalize to them about how you shouldn’t lie. pure genius.

Jeez. Someone was bitter as a child…