When is that KB toy sale?

I’m thinking about buying a ps2 but I wanted to know when the kb toysale was and see if it was worth waiting for.

Assuming the settlement is agreed to by all parties, the sale is supposed to run from Oct. 8 to 14.

From what I read on their site, it sounds like you only qualify for the discount if you purchased something at KB for over $30 at those prices between certain qualifying dates. If that’s the case, then no bargains for me… :?

Read where, Kool?

Not much of a “win” if they expect us to have receipts to take advantage of the settlement.

On the last thread that discussed this, it was surmised that the receipts were merely necessary to prove you were part of the class. And that is only required if you wanted to opt out of the agreement and pursue your own lawsuit.

However, the remedy doesn’t say anything about only applying to those who are part of the class:

“Defendants will distribute the Net Settlement Fund by providing a discount at the cash registers of all KB Toys, KB Toy Works, KB Toy Outlet, Toy Liquidator and KB Toys Express stores nationwide, including Guam and Puerto Rico, equal to 30% off all qualifying purchases of $30 or more during October 8-14, 2003. This distribution (the “In-store Distribution”) will be done without requiring a request of any store customer…”

It seems like the wording means that the discount is required to be automatic - if you spend more than $30 that day, then it’s taken off without anyone even bothering to mention the point. I would presume that if they meant it to only apply to class members, they would have said “class member” instead of “store customer”.

No kidding. If that’s how it works, KB is getting off pretty easy. I was hoping to grab some Gamecube stuff at 30% off, including a system if they are included in the sale.

Ah, OK…guess I was wrong. Thanks for clearing that up! :D

Cheap games ahoy!

Now the other question is whether it’s ITEMS over $30, or just entire PURCHASES over $30. IE: If I go spend $200 and buy something that’s $12, is the $12 item discounted or just the more expensive ones?

Looks like I’ll be taking the boy to KB on Wednesday morning to, er, “buy some educational toys.”

I’m fairly sure it’s purchases over $30.

However, I did hear an unpleasant rumor that some random KB employee claimed that video games and such are excluded. If so, that would basically make the entire thing moot.

On the other hand, same source claimed that KB was calling it the “You Win Sale”. If so, this would be in violation of the terms of the agreement, which state that there is to be no advance promotion of the sale.

I’m heading out now myself to check out a local KB and ask pointed questions - maybe if I’m lucky they’ll have posted the terms, and I’ll be able to get a more thorough idea of what’s going on here.

Cool, Silverlight. Let us know what you find out.