When is the best time to buy a car?

My Internet research says near the end of the year from about Oct. to Dec. But my grandmother claims that is not true. She says her husband who was a used car salesman says Feb is best. Not sure what to think or if I can convince her otherwise.

I have seen February numerous times (yes, once again, I can not recall specifics, but I’ve seen pricing charts that suggest February is the best time overall).

My recollection is that it is a combination of the “new” model cars from the year before starting to get old, along with it being the dead part of the year seasonally (I believe that like houses, people buy more cars in the spring and summer).

It depends what you want. If you want a new car, I think later in the year is better because they’ll want to sell what they have to make room for the next year’s models. If you want a used car, I don’t think it matters much.

December 30. Be a hardass. You’ll get a killer deal on that year’s models because the dealers have big incentives to get rid of them that year.

Jan/Feb would be good too if you’re not picky on a specific model but by then a good dealer won’t many/any of the previous year’s models left.

I’ve also heard that the end of the month is a better time. Salesmen are trying to meet their quotas, etc. Just gives you one little extra chip for the bargaining table I guess.

For new cars, December. But not of the current model but of last year’s model, for example, buy a 2006 in December of this year, not a 2007.

Academic paper on car prices.

I’ve read that Christmas time is the best time.

People aren’t generally buying cars, they’re buying gifts, so the salesmen get a bit desperate. And it’s got the end of the month and end of the year factors that others have mentioned,.

My understanding is that if you want a great deal, walk into a dealer on the 23rd or early on the 24th and lay your cards down on the table.

I’ve purchased my last two cars right before closing on New Year’s Eve. I figure I’ve got both end-of-month and end-of-year pressure on my side, as well as the fact that no one really wants to be there.

It’s worked out, I got two great deals out of it. I plan on buying another in December, so we’ll see what happens.

Some good friends of mine got a really excellent deal on a car by buying it on New Years Eve. I’ve also heard that last day of the month (any month) is always good, because salesmen are trying to increase their quotas (as someone above said).

Another tactic I have heard is to go in during the last week of the month, and try to sneak a peek into the sales managers office. They often have charts prominently displayed on the wall, showing how many sales each staff member has made. See who is number 2 that month, they likely to be extremely motivated to get to that top spot :)