When Jesus starts fragging, there is nowhere you can hide

Another Landover Baptist exclusive:


ROTFLM…oh wait, I’m not supposed to be laughing, am it? :P

Don’t fck with the Jesus! Or the Jesus is gonna fck with you…

That is a spoof site, isn’t it?

"Those present at the demonstration were amazed to see the detailed maps and characters Timothy had created for the game. “I felt my heart flutter with excitement when Timothy was able to position Jesus in a spot under a tree on the Mount of Olives and get over 20 kills, but I was not pleased when a Muslim character snuck up behind Him and shot His head right off His shoulders!” said Pastor Deacon Fred, “And the character made a derogatory comment about the Lord, calling him a ‘camper.’”

That can’t be real. This reads like something the Onion would publish.

Yeah, it’s a parody site.

Check out their quiz on who is nastier, God or Allah.


Yes Mark it is a spoof.

I will show great restraint and not bash you for not knowing this … n00b! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. :D

– Xaroc

Ha ha – well, I’d never heard of that Japanese bunny site either. I am a no0b!

man, that landoverbaptist.org site is hilarious!
I’d never seen it before, thanks for the link.