When lizards attack

The host’s reaction in this video is priceless.

Thanks, Derek! That was fantastic!

I love the guy’s survival reaction. He stumbles backwards, his left hand flailing wildly at the air, while collapsing to his knees and making a gurgling sound. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Sadly, the video seems to be missing from the server. I’ll see if I can track it down somewhere else.

The video seems to be back, for those who haven’t seen it.

I also have it mirrored on my home site here in case it dissappears again.

that was just awesome.

I love local news for moments like those.

Funny stuff, though it sort of makes you wonder how we ended up at the top of the food chain.

The flailing panic, followed by the helpless stumble out of the frame is worth watching again and again. The lizard was damn lucky he didn’t get crushed.

I’m going to be sharing this one.

Little did the hapless newscaster know that the zoologist brought a specimen of a rare reptile known as the Taser Lizard to that afternoon’s taping…

The first time I watch I wasn’t actually sure what happened… just watched as the host had a freaking fit and started quacking then fell over. The jump that lizard makes is huge :lol:

Oh man, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying – that’s the funniest reaction I’ve seen since the flaming melon (clip is hosted on my cable modem, so it’ll take a minute to download)

Another funny one:


The lizard video is truly hilarious. Especially the noises that guy made. Did he really regain full self-control by the time the video ends? The way it looks he might has well have kept on laughing for another minute.

It wasn’t as good as that fundraiser video from Tech TV or whatever it was.

…could someone post a working link to the gecko attack? I saw it last night during Shoot Club at Mr. Chick’s place, but I can’t get either of the links to work. Pretty please?

Slow, but functional: Lizard Jump.

Thanks, Andrew…but I’m afraid all I get out of that link is a big o’l text file full of gobbledegook…same story with the link Derek provided. any pointers from more computer-savvy folks out there?

(I’m totally joensin’ for some spastic newscaster action over here…)

That’ll be a lack MIME type settings if you’re using Mozilla (or similar).

Save the file first.

hmm…Showing my ignorance here…it look slike the problem is that we don’t (read: can’t) use realplayer on our work computers. That, or it is a problem specific to Macs (the work computer of chioce for us). Dare I hope that a Quicktime version exists?

.asf = Windows Media Player file

I’d tell you to get a real computer, but I use Macs too ;) Supposedly there is a version of WMP for Mac, but I’ve never bothered to search for it and install it.