When Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC, this is where you'll buy it

Title When Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC, this is where you'll buy it
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 17, 2019

Rockstar now has its own game client. The Rockstar Games Launcher is the new home for everything Grand Theft Auto, Bully, and Red Dead that the studio has made..

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Well fuck. I really wanted to buy this on PC but I have zero interest in developer specific gaming stores.

For a PC version that I can use mods with, I’d buy it anywhere.

I mentioned before how much I enjoyed GTAV’s first-person mode after finding the PS3 version rather dull. I’d be more worried, but I already have a Rockstar account with GTAV on it anyway.

They already did this for GTA V, I thought. They also sold it on Steam (and that is where I bought it), but nowhere else including retail did Steam keys.

I have GTA V on my Rockstar account as well. Just one more game launcher in the ever growing list!


Indeed… At least it found GTA 5 and Max Payne 3 on my ssd.

Many launchers. :(

They did, but the Social Club client/launcher was really only ever used for GTA V and Max Payne 3. According to the PR, this is a rebrand of that for all of their PC games going forward. Including past titles.

We already got first person on the console versions, pardner. I don’t see what a PC version is gonna do.

Mods break Arthur’s poor heart.

I appreciate Rockstar letting me know ahead of time that I can stop waiting for the PC version and move this to the “will never play” pile.

Makes perfect sense to me. GTA5 and RDR2 make a ton of money in online multiplayer. They don’t want to give a cut to Valve or Epic.

I like the inherent optimism in the use of the word “when” in the thread title. Doesn’t seem like we see enough of that around here.

Never happen.

The bad news for everyone is that the version of GTA:SA that Rockstar is giving away is the lame build with crap controller support and a whole bunch of songs missing from the soundtrack.

That seems to be the only version that exists, or at least that Rockstar acknowledges, anymore. Even when MS made the original GTA:SA backward compatible, it doesn’t load from the disc but rather installs the XBLA version they released that seems to be a port of the mobile version of the game.

I’m already annoyed with the new Rockstar client: it adds ~ 30 seconds of “waiting” time to the already lengthy GTAV load process.

I’m seeing some reports online that GTA V no longer works in offline mode even if you have the Steam version. Seems that you need to have the new launcher running and the game does a parallel activation check in addition.

I don’t know if this has been verified extensively yet. Could also be a potential temporary glitch, but doesn’t look great at the moment.

Edit: Some people have indicated they can play offline so not sure if this is impacting people consistently or if mod installs are a variable.

[ Update, 3pm ET : Since this article has gone live, we’ve discovered another reason to install RGL, though it’s arguably not a welcome one. Rockstar has now mandated the launcher’s installation in order to boot certain games available on Steam. I uninstalled RGL from my testing rig, then attempted to boot my existing Steam installation of Grand Theft Auto V . At that time, Steam automatically loaded the RGL installation process. Thus, there is currently no way to play GTA V without having Rockstar’s new launcher active. Rockstar isn’t the first to do this, by the way; publishers like Ubisoft mandate similar launcher requirements in their Steam games.]

GOG is looking better and better every day.

Following up, Rockstar is saying the no offline mode is a bug affecting some players.

No Offline Mode for GTAV after installing the Rockstar Games Launcher
Created September 17, 2019Updated September 17, 2019Print
Question: Why can’t I set my GTAV to Offline Mode now that I have updated to the Rockstar Games Launcher?

Answer: We are aware of an issue that is affecting some players’ ability to play in Offline Mode and we are currently looking into it.

So offline mode should be restored, but the launcher stays even for Steam versions.

That’s an IARC rating, which is for digital products. If they got it there, that means they got it worldwide, not just Australia (IARC supplies ratings for almost every region). If they’re only going to sell it via their own digital storefront on PC, then they’re set. IARC has really simplified things for devs in a lot of ways. Steam and Sony Europe still don’t use it, but I’m assuming it’ll eventually get there for them, too.