When the hell did they put Jeff Goldblum on Network TV?

So I was channel surfing earlier. Saw Jeff Goldblum playing a police detective. Stopped surfing.

The show is called Raines, and I think it’s pretty good. I liked it enough that I put it on my List of Shows I Watch. The list currently stands at:

  • Sanford & Son reruns on TV Land
  • Raines

So yeah, I have no taste.

Anyway, you’ve got Goldblum as a mildly insane homicide detective who suffers from hallucinations – which appear in the form of victims from the cases he’s working on. It’s a fairly lame premise, but it’s well-executed. It doesn’t try to be edgy, and it’s not full of horribly preachy bullshit like Law & Order.

It seems like an intelligent, funny and well-produced show. On NBC.

What. The. Fuck.?

My guess is this shit gets canceled within two weeks. Any bets?

It looked like a Monk ripoff from the commercials. Different kind of crazy, but same basic premise. I predict a quick cancellation as well.

I’ve been watching since it premiered. The writing is no great shakes, but Goldblum sells it with his bug-eyed, soft-spoken weirdness. In other words, it could be the next Shark: A show of stunning mediocrity that’s saved by star power (in that case, James Woods).

The move from Thursday to Friday nights isn’t a good sign, but I’m hoping it hangs on for a while, as the supporting cast has also proven surprisingly likeable.

i saw the pilot and liked it but never managed to catch any other eps. and i consider it a rip off of medium, which is on nbc.

Except that he’s not a psychic, he is merely nuts.

I like the show, even though it has uneven writing, it has some great acting and some good characters. I hope it makes it.

Yeah, the “people in his head” freely admit they don’t know anything he doesn’t know.

That said, it’s not a must-watch for me. Much like its Fiday companion Vegas, if the TV’s on anyway, it might get watched.

From what I’ve read at various TV sites, Raines will never see a second season.

you can watch all the episodes on nbc.com.

I hung out with this girl who had gotten hit on by Goldblum back in the day.

As she related it to me, when she resisted his charms he countered with “C’mon baby, it’s the eighties!” I think of that every time I see him now.

It’s a ripoff of Medium. Goldblum gets to play a little tougher character than he normally does. Having it be his hallucinations, rather than ghosts, makes it really about his own perceptions, misperceptions and prejudices. As he learns more about a victim, the ‘head victim’ changes, so when he initially jumps to a stereotype for the head-victim’s behavior, it gives him miscues that don’t help solve the case. But he, and thus his head-victims, are aware when he does this, so it becomes a fairly introspective situation. And the victim gets fleshed out much more, becoming less a stereotype.

It’s actually a pretty interesting narrative device, but not so much for potentially perpetual episodic format. If it was like a British series, with a 6 or 12 episode arc, it could be much better.


I liked that there weren’t any supernatural elements, but the show just doesn’t stand out enough among the 8 million other crime procedurals.

I’m not a Goldblum fan, but was pleasantly surprised. Don’t season pass it, but will watch if its on.

But it does seem like one more “the investigator talks with the dead people” mystery show. I’m surprised it sold - “well, yeah, NBC, he does talk with dead people, but it’s really different from the 2 or 3 other shows where people do that because, um, well he just imagines them, and they’re REAL on the other shows! See! Totally different! And people will surely pick up in 15 second commercials why it’s different than the others!”

Ugh, it’s a ripoff of medium, except even worse.

I don’t see how you would call this a ripoff of medium if you’ve seen a few episodes. I’m not sure if I would call his personal ghosts very helpful, it’s not like they’re giving him advice or anything. I guess it’s not unusual for heroes to have “issues”, but Raines’ issues seem a bit more severe than usual.

Unfortunately for those who would have liked to see more it seems like it was cut down to seven episodes months before the first episode was aired.

The only thing worse than Medium is Medium.

No way. Medium is bad like The Core is bad. So bad it’s good. If Raines had first move advantage it might be the same, but it just feels like a knockoff.

Yes, I know his ghosts aren’t terribly helpful, but it has the same supernatural dream feel to it as Medium. He also doesn’t seem particularly tormented by his “issues”, but that’s probably just Goldblum’s screwball acting style, which worked great in Life Aquatic!

It’s not even similar, and also Raines is a good show and Medium is retarded.

If Raines is a ripoff of Medium, I guess Medium is a ripoff of GhostBusters.

Medium’s a lameass ripoff of Millennium.

Frank Black could see ghosts?