When the hell did they put Jeff Goldblum on Network TV?

Medium went from interesting to tedious awfully fast. Like faster than the 5 episodes of Raines I’ve already seen.

Used to be that movie actors used to look down on TV actors, then, recently TV is worth being on again, how did this happen? (My personal theory is that it had something to do with 24.)

HBO and Showtime started the trend to make TV somewhat more “respectable” and network TV started being higher quality as well.

In answer to the question “When the hell did they put Jeff Goldblum on Network TV?”…


He starred with Ben Vereen in Tenspeed and Brownshoe.

Awwww, Jeff Green used to try that one on the ladies back in his day. Some of his other smooth lines:

“Excuse me, madam - is that corset felt? Would you like it to be?
“I say, that’s quite a prodigious bustle you’ve got there.”
“Would you care to come back to my place and peruse my Twain?”
“Baby, I’m a close personal friend of Chester A. Arthur.”

Yeah, what Athryn said, HBO made tv more respectable.

But I think it has just as much to do with the fact that when they do a tv show, it gives them more of a regular schedule and lets them stay in one place for a longer period of time. Nice if they want to take a break without dropping out of the spotlight, or if they want to spend time with their family.

I think it started when the Seinfeld and Friends actors were being paid a million dollars an episode. Not a bad paycheck, and if you get involved with hit shows, you end up with residuals from syndication.

I agree with earlier sentiments; this show is much better than Medium. It’s got that smooth, fast-talking noir vibe, and without Goldblum this show wouldn’t have happened. I just caught up with episode 1 and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to more.

Raines is a super show. Goldblum is excellent and endearing. I really hope it lasts.