When TIE Fighter was partnered with Dodge Neon

Title When TIE Fighter was partnered with Dodge Neon
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When December 16, 2019

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is the best dog-fighting action space sim ever made. Fight me for it. But there was a time before 1994 when TIE Fighter wasn't a sure thing..

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Freespace 2 would like to have a word. Sir.

Still, that is a fun bit of Dodgey business regarding good ol’ TIE Fighter.

I still like X-Wing better than TIE Fighter. The latter has the better campaign, I can’t argue that, but I’d far rather fly into battle as an X-Wing or A-Wing than any ships the Empire can bring to bear.

The TIE Interceptor would like to have a word with you sir.

Also the Defender is lol hilariously OP.

The Interceptor? Are you serious? It still has no shields, that takes away half the energy management fun of the game. OK a third but still. I would take an A-wing into battle against an Interceptor any day.


Clearly the Empire isn’t going into debt paying out TIE fighter pilot retirement plans. Hey, if your ambition is to go out in a blaze of glory, by all means. I like to live to fight another day, myself.

Even as an eleven year old I thought it was ridiculous how they just stuffed everything good into one ship. Really, TIE Defender, really?!

You are hilariously wrong, sir. I’ve won six to one battles against A-Wings in an Assault Gunship. Sir.

Craig has the right of it. Shields are great, but one doesn’t need them to be victorious.

Me flying an unshielded TIE Fighter or TIE Bomber near the end of a mission

This game went to a whole new level once I bought a Gravis Ultrasound

Hah yeah, back in the day I bought that huge Sound Blaster AWE32 for TF. Then a few years ago I got a Roland MT-32 for TIE Fighter. Imuse is still the best.

Not against me, you haven’t.

Dodge Neon was a shit car.

Are you challenging me to some X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, sir?

You figure out a way to get us back 20 or so years when I actually played the game, sure why not.

Hahahahaa I thought so.

You thought what, exactly? That there was a time, once, in antiquity, when people played this game? Yes, I distantly recall it myself. I believe I had fun. I know I flew circles around the lumbering bricks that the Empire saw fit to call gunboats, only slowing down so that I didn’t fly right up their mother fucking tailpipes.

This is a fact. Also, it hilariously had a widespread problem with the paint peeling off.