When videogames turn annoying



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And stupid boring long hard bossfights that one-shot you and include a cutscene after load.

(looking at you medusa, you effectively ended AC:Odyssey for me)


Schurem, I know what you mean but I want to be sure you have tried it when turning difficulty down to Easy at least. For me Medusa was the worst because it virtually forces you to fight what should be a melee affair with a bow. Just have to keep on the move, hiding behind pillars, but on Easy at least she wears down faster.


I did go to options and turned it to the easiest i could. I tried slinging arrows at it. And yet. Never made it past the last third bit of health.


Every video game gets annoying at some point. Yeah I know that probably says more about me than it does about video games, but there’s always going to be that one little thing in even the most awesome game. I swear, if I have to listen to a player whistle when he looks at his cards at the poker table in Valentine in RDR2 one more time I’m going to give him some extra ventilation.


Final Fantasy X…the horror. 10 minute, unskippable cutscene, right before boss fight you are going to lose 10 times before you beat it. I want to find the person that decided on this in a dark alley.


Which boss was that? The final boss? That’s the only one I had trouble with in terms of dying more than twice. It was tough, but I don’t remember the cutscene before it being that long. It’s been over a decade though, I might have forgotten. I can’t wait for that to come out on Xbox so that I can play it again.


It was Seymour…maybe…the 2nd time you fight him? Up in the snow. I did not have correct gear to protect against whatever attack he was using, so it was a major slog to get through.


Ugh, Seymour…I fought that motherclucker so many times; I will hold this person for you in the dark alley while you pummel him. I never beat him, gave up after around the 20th time or so. I remember taking a break and then grinding a few more levels and going back to him and still losing.

But what annoyed me more about FFX was the stupid temple trials… Brilliant idea - lets add a moving puzzle component to a series that hasn’t had it in its 9 previous titles! The first couple were fine, they were quick and easy, but then they became more elaborate and just annoying, totally killing the pacing.

Also, the DS Zelda games having character movement stylus control ONLY. To be fair, it didn’t control TOO badly, but still, it was not ideal, did not add anything to those games and was initially annoying as hell until you got used to it.


ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! is how I feel this past week when it comes to this subject.

  • Unskippable cut scenes or unskippable animated sequences. I’ve seen that same sequence so many damn times. Respect my real-life time.

  • RDR2 - I want to talk to this guy I just saved, so I go to hit the interact to talk button and I shoot at him instead. Who thought that was a good idea when assigning gamepad controls?

  • Hold button to do something in console games. I’m getting bloody carpal tunnel from having to hold buttons so hard for so long just to exit the compendium (RDR2 again). You didn’t need to make us hold the button for 50 years to exit the menu.


The Final Fantasy series tends to do this a lot. FF tactics has a couple of spots, where you can’t back out, and if you haven’t bought the right counter, or trained the right job, your game is over unless you made a save before the sequence of levels started.


You folks are doing it wrong. Pump bullet time. That gives you 10 (or 15?) seconds of bullet time. Then pump venom blade/whatever it is called, and the associated skill. That will reduce Medusa damage + weaken her. Then use dagger to chain as much as possible to build up adrenaline. In theory you can infinite chain dagger attacks (4 normal hits + 1 heavy hit, repeat) but Medusa will break off contact by script. Then liberally use single target skills to deal damage (e.g. hero strike, bull rush/whatever it is called, overpowered strike) and reestablish contact. Heal if necessary. Rinse and repeat. And pump warrior damage by wearing warrior gears, because obviously you will be fighting toe to toe not assassinating.

If she summons minions. always hide behind pillars when fighting the minions because she will provide support to her minions at range. Pump at least 1 point in break shield to take away their shields. Then parry/dodge to get free bullet time. Build up as much adrenaline when fighting the minions, so you can deal damage fast against Medusa. Or not, and just dispatch the minions as quickly as possible with skills, but save the bullet time for Medusa.

For me the fight was over in ~5 minutes. I play on normal.


It’s good to have this advice in my backpocket, as I prepare to start the game. And because I don’t know the systems right now, this explanation’s technical details obscure what might be anything spoilery for me. Thanks!


One more thing, when she tries to turn you into stone with her gaze, there are two options. One is to hide behind pillars until she stops. Second is to go all in and use skill attacks (e.g. hero strike, or overpower strike) to interrupt her. And use bull rush or bullet time to close in quick.


With all of the above plus two well timed breaks I finally defeated the thing.


Bad voice actors can annoy me at times. Depends on the game and if the gameplay makes up for it.

Also bad voice acting in unskippable cutscenes.


Slow scrolling unskippable text, too. Typical of many old school JRPGs.