When was the last time you puked?

If this is based on the latest podcast, I’m not listening to it.

For me, it was last semester. I had some bad carrots from the chapel. God poisoned me, and I expelled his vile manna.

In 2008 I went to Australia to speak at a conference. Met a few of the folks there, we went out a few times to the beach, for drinks. I was scheduled to fly out friday afternoon, so on thursday they decided they were going to give me a good night of drinking so that my memories could all be happy. Well, here in SF last call is 1:15-1:30am … in montreal my home town it’s 3:00. In Sydney we started at around eight… come midnight I was going to call it a night, gotta get a good sleep and be up in time to pack and check out. Well, they would have nothing of it. I tried to escape again (don’t get me wrong, we had a good time) at three, and then again at five. Come eight o’clock am I was stumbling home on foot with only a vague idea of where my hotel was in King’s Cross. I felt like shit. I decided right then I’d be a mess on the plane if I didn’t just get it over with; stuck my finger in my throat and out came all twelve hours of fun. I hadn’t puked in at least 6 years, and I go out fairly often. Dragged myself to the desk and to the airport.

Plus side was, I slept all 14 hours of my flight back to SF like a baby.

if the puke never left your mouth, does it count?

You should remember, Tom, you were there.

OH god it was last month when I got the stomach flu. I went from absolutely fine to sicker than I have ever been in my life in about thirty seconds. I never, ever thought anyone could throw up that much ever. It was awful. AWFUL!

Christmas… Day, I think. Or the morning after that. Got some kind of stomach bug the day before Christmas Eve.

I had the same thing 1.5 months ago. Worst stomach flu ever. It lasted only 8 hours but it was hell. It was 24 hours of regular stomach flu compacted into 8.

Didn’t think I could projectile vomit. I can.

Some time last year, was taking some form of opiate and got ill. Possibly for a cough I had, don’t recall.

Got Pancreatitis in the middle of February and puked my guts out before getting to the hospital. What followed after was a week-long dilaudid-induced hallucination from which I barely remember anything. But my god, the pain was the worst I have ever felt.

3 weeks ago.

I got that last year. Sipped water to avoid dehydration between episodes of fun that managed to fill a handy bucket - thats a party!

The feeling that my face and hands were vibrating a few hundred times a second added to the fun. I had to ask my wife if I was really shaking or if it was just feeling like it (verdict was - “I ain’t getting close enough to you to find out”).

When was the last time you puked on a famous person?

If I was squeamish, I would have a minute ago. I was cutting limes for my Corona and somehow like an idiot cut my finger. It was bleeding so bad the bandaid wouldn’t stick. Then I watched in amazement as blood filled up the bandaid. I dumped about a thimbleful out of the top of my finger into the white sink. Man, that’s a lot of blood.

Side queston: when do you know you need stiches? If it doesn’t stop bleeding?

2 months? Migraine…I get them, I hate them, my daughter gets them, she hates that I gave them to her…it was a doozy… and barf I did.

I am not a good barfer.

I puked yesterday! I don’t recommend puking after eating dried cranberries. It looks gross.

Basically, yeah. If it is cut so deep that a bandaid can’t stop it, you may have to go get it taped or stitched. Plus, that will help avoid infection.

Don’t die, Guapo!

Yep, it was going around then. I puked for 6 hours, and then had diarrhea for another four. It was the worst night of my life, health-wise. A bad bad flu bug.

Oh god.

For me, when I was in labor.