When will Ann Coulter go too far?

Oh, so presidential hopefuls denounced her words because of heat from the left. Where’s the denunciation from the right? Let’s see some conservative groups saying that this level of discourse is childish and inappropriate.

Really? Tell you what, insert the word ‘nigger’ for ‘faggot’ and ‘Obama’ for ‘Edwards’ and see what you think about it. Because that’s how gay people feel about the use of that word. And at a time when they have JUST attacked someone for saying it, she makes light of the whole thing, using the word for a joke AND as an insult against Edwards.

While I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, I’m pretty sure she’s not a lesbian. She was dating Bob Guccione’s kid for a while.

Oh, that means nothing. I believe your example would fall under the category of “beard” (which on a related note is something that Coulter could grow if really she wanted to). This is a woman with a lot of hate - most of it being self-hatred:

When a questioner asked Coulter why she praises marriage but broke off so many engagements, she responded by calling the questioner ugly."

Can she both a genetic male and a lesbian? I think you kind of have to pick one slur or the other here.

Nah - she is just a manly woman. Like the bearded ladies at the circus.

Edit: Also, there is only one slur in my post, i.e. her being manly. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with her being a lesbian…her being a closeted lesbian who spouts foul bigotry to hide her orientation is a problem (unless she is just a garden-variety bigot, which is just as big of a problem).

There’s not realy anything conservatives pundits can say that will get them off the talk show circuits or booted out of respectable society. There’s a real asymmetry on the political divide.

I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body and who happens to be a lesbian.

Nice of you to consider those two things “slurs.”

Outrageous comments + press coverage = book sales

Actually, I don’t (I mean, last time I checked, I was male), but I’m not the one slinging them around about Coulter, either. I doubt people are implying she has an Adam’s apple or accusing her of being a closeted lesbian as compliments!

But please, continue to throw insults at the harridan throwing insults because she threw insults.

Oh, fuck her, she doesn’t deserve my civility. I’ll reserve that for political discussions with game designers.

How to properly deal with Ann Coulter.

Well, I think they’re accusing her of being a hypocrite.

And all I was doing was helpfully pointing out she can’t be both a transsexual AND a lesbian! (Well, I guess technically she could. But that seems like an awful lot of work.)

Anyway, back to the question posed by the thread title, I would guess the answer would be “now”, as the right-wing blogosphere en masse is dumping on Ann Coulter for being, well, Ann Coulter.

Michelle Malkin
Hugh Hewitt
National Review

Of course, this is all about the same person who regularly calls Muslims “ragheads” in her writing and famously called for the Middle East to be forcibly converted in some sort of latter-day Christian jihad. It’s political pornography and only complete idiots and Fox News take her seriously.

Those links are all fake. They didn’t say that. It’s a conservative conspiracy. They’re all backing her, and acting the liberals no matter what.

I guess we’ve got an answer on how far is too far. To my knowledge that’s the first time any of those three have said anything but praise for Ann.

The latter group is included in the former, I think.

Conveniently, the poor man puts together a list of the conservative method’s greatest hits of the last few years:


Suggest that Arab countries, being too primative for democracy, should be reduced to rubble.

Some are blogs or Thomas Friedman, but in general, there you go.

I don’t think it’s a compliment or insult, but more of a psychological profile. I’m saying she’s gay because i think she really is.