When you're dead tired and mentally unfunctional-what you do to slag off the zombie?

I wanted to get up 2 hours earlier and couldn’t. Too much deep precious sleep was still there waiting. If I had gotten up, then I’d have been an unproductive zombie all day.

Any thing you all do that helps you break out of he dream world and into the land of the living? No Meth or Cocaine jokes as I can’t do that LOL. I also don’t handle a bunch of caffeine pills real well nor 5 hour energy.

Go out into the sunlight first thing after waking for 30 minutes.

Second that, and add that you need to open your eyes really wide and get that light directly to the back of the retinas. I have heard, though I don’t have a source offhand, that bright sunlight triggers your body to start cleaning up fatigue chemicals.

Go to bed earlier?

I know it sounds like a driveby-oneliner comment, but really - People complain all the time about being tired, but when pressed, its usually because they don’t get enough sleep, and get to bed way too late.

Abject terror works pretty well, I found when working as a camp counselor and waking up each morning convinced all my kids had died during the night or were currently starving to death in their rooms waiting for me to take them to breakfast.

I think the mixture of no sleep, incredibly poor diet, and weirdly heavy drinking made me super-paranoid at that time in my life. Hard to say.

Getting out if bed is different than not being a zombie all day. Fresh air can’t do anything long term if you’re not getting the sleep your body needs.

I have trouble falling asleep even with Ambien. Winter here in Michigan means little sun. Maybe one of those sun lamp things might help?

I’ve worked in a few fields that required extensive periods of wakefulness (sometimes in excess of 70 hours) and physical exercise helps. At the same time, you’ll eventually be impaired despite any of your best efforts. St. John’s Positive Thoughts has worked wonders for me staying awake, alert, and happy, but the downside is that I sleep a lot less now in general. It’s nice waking up without sleep inertia, but I’d still find some more rest beneficial.

Or you could just take Provigil. :P

I did take Provigil and it causes wicked side effects in me. I get super paranoid, my heart goes crazy, and I feel like my brain’s going to explode. I’ve tried it in different months for short periods of time and it always does the same thing. Which makes me concerned about all our military who are dependent on that stuff. After the 7th time trying it, I read all side effects it was like “hmmm, this is not good for someone dealing with civilian & terrorist mix in a warzone”.


“Slag off the zombie”


coffee, massive quantities of coffee

Siestas. Lunch and then a nap. I wish we had that custom.

The biggest thing that has helped me was switching to a regular schedule. For the past 7 years or so, I get up at 4:35am for work and have also been doing the same on the weekend and days off for as long as I can remember. That and getting to bed on a more regular schedule, and earlier as Razgon recommends. Getting that 7-8 hours of sleep, getting up at the same time each day, and quitting the bad habit of using the snooze function on my alarm clock has almost completely removed all of my tired feelings during the days at work. My friends and family accuse me of being old for going to bed so early :), but I don’t mind and can really get a lot more done in the day.

When I was younger I was horrible about sleep patterns. I used to still get up for work anywhere from 5 to 5:30 am, but would go to bed at midnight during the week and 3-4am on the weekends and sleep in til like 10am on Sat/Sun. This was especially true during my crazy EQ playing days. I can’t even come close to trying that now and even a few hour work call in the middle of the night makes me feel sick the next day in a way. I love me my sleep now :).

As think as we get older we need that eight hours of sleep. When I was younger I could get by on four hours but now I’d be a wreck on four hours of sleep.

As to slagging off the zombie, we need siestas. Lunch and a nap. I wish we had that custom here. Otherwise to slag the zombies I try to get my heart rate up through some kind of exercise, such as just going up and down a few flights of stairs several times. I really don’t get that way much as long as I get my normal sleep, though.

I have 2 alarms.

First sounds at 7:30 am.
The second one at 8:00 am.

I actually get up at the second one.

I have tried another one at 7:45 am and seems beneficial, so 3 better than 2.

It works for me.

My biggest problem is like yesterday:

Had pulmonary rehab for 2 hours. Very tired, mentally and physically just from that. Went to my parents to fix their computer after that, had dinner, got home and zombie out from 8:00-9:30 pm until I could take my night meds which includes Ambien. I am so overtired, I can’t even fall asleep with Ambien, and I stay awake until ~2:00 am. Wake up with coughing spasm at 7:00 am. Cycle of wicked tiredness and bad schedule continues. Can’t function and finally go to bed again at 11:00 am and sleep until 3:00 pm. Now I feel better but I know I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight. Main frustration is missing time with my wife as she has to go to bed at 1:30 pm (afternoon) to be up for her night shift. So too often as I’m getting up she’s going to bed and my body/mind just refuses to get off it’s preferred schedule of sleep at 2:00-3:00 am and getting up around 1:00 pm.