Where are the games?

Where are the games?
Bill Harris on the front page of Gone Gold makes an astute observation – we’re at the end of a fiscal quarter, which normally means games are shipped, ready or not, but there don’t seem to be many games shipping.

There are usually some outstanding, Tier One games released in June to correspond with the end of Q2 for most gaming companies. I realized today, though, that this is the leanest June I can ever remember. There’s almost nothing to whet the gaming appetite coming out this month. Ground Control II, Soldner, Shellshock, and Perimeter all have me somewhat interested, but there’s nothing that I absolutely have to play. In other years, those games would be interesting ‘additional choices,’ but this year, they’re the main course.

And if Doom 3 doesn’t come out in July, that’s going to be a dry and dusty month as well.

The Xbox fares slightly better, but only slightly. Spiderman 2 and Driver 3 have potential, with the console versions of Spiderman 2 supposedly being astounding. The PC version, alas, is–how do I say this?–dung.
So where are the games? Why is it so quiet?

Err, what? I don’t know about PC games, but each the GBA, PS2, Cube and Xbox have had/will have pretty damn interesting releases for a June, especially since I believe for consoles in the States, star-packed June releases are not exactly normal, what with the heavy, heavy slant toward the end of the year.

A brief look reveals, in addition to DRIV3R and Spiderman 2 as mentioned:

GBA - Mario Vs. Donkey Kong just release, Mario Golf: Advance Tour is due for the 21st of June and Mega Man Battle Tournament Blue Moon/Red Sun is due on the 28th. The next in an acclaimed European sidescrolling Metal Slug-alike CT Special Forces 2, is coming on the 29th. Plus I’m sure the new Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh games will be big sellers, despite their quality…

Xbox - It just had Chronicles of Riddick and Full Spectrum Warrior a few days ago, how much more high profile do you need? Also, Metal Slug 3 just released, right? That game kicks five kinds of ass, as all have known for a good time.

PS2 - The PS2 version of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is releasing. As well, Front Mission 4 is coming out and you could hardly ask for a more high profile SRPG than one made by the largest and most succesful RPG company on the planet. :P Bujingai, the absurdly fun and solid action game starring the world’s creepiest gothic metrosexual can’t help but be a little interesting, can it? Its like Otogi–Post-Apocalyptic Super Chinese Jem-Meets-KISS Flamboyant Rockstar Floating World Concert Flower Sword Version. Three minutes in and I guarantee you it will have you wanting to sharpen your pencil in a chocolate starfish. ~_,*
Way of the Samurai 2 is coming out at the end of the month and that game is fabulously unique and well done. Rockman Anniversay Collection also releases, which is quite a comprehensive collection of some of the most popular and well-loved action classics out there, with some content that has never been released in America before.

GC - Four Swords’ milkshake is better than yours, damn right! its better than yours, it could teach you, but it’d have to charge! Seriously, its a Zelda game. That said, its also getting Rockman Anniversay Collection, and early July sees Tales of Symphonia, likely to be one of the year’s best for the Cube, just like it was last year in Japan. And of course, the obligatory port of Pandora Tomorrow, though I’m not sure how big that was without the online parts.

In any case, it doesn’t seem like there’s any lack for interesting releases lately.

So I don’t see the point.



I’m playing a lot of Shining Force on my GBA which just released yesterday…

It’s quite neat.

I wonder if publishers are finally wising up and allowing the games to be polished rather than shoving them out the door before the end of the fiscal quarter?


milkshake is better than yours, damn right! its better than yours, it could teach you, but it’d have to charge!

Please Kitsune, don’t ever do that again. I had almost forgotten that song ever existed. :cry:

Well, Gone Gold is a primarily PC-centric site, isn’t it? That probably colours their opinion quite a bit. Besides, it’s not as much interesting releases that are seen as missing, it’s the really big ones.

OMFG! I totally hadn’t realised that there wasn’t a Generic FPS of the month out soon!

The shops are absolutely wallowing in good games at the moment, and if you/they/he/it actually spend any amount of time with a release rather than playing the first level and then moving onto anticipating the next one, you/they/he/it would realise that.

In some ways a slower series of releases makes more sense for the PC market. The games we tend to play, in general, tend to be much more involved to start with and then they get extended through good online play or user mods. I’m constantly ‘just getting around to’ a game I wanted to pick up months ago or going back into the classic stacks on my shelf and playing an older game that’s been patched, has a new mod out, or that I never got around to finishing the first time I picked it up. There are at least a couple games I’ve never even opened yet on my shelf.

It seems to me, but I’m really not much of a console gamer, that a good proportion of console titles are a bit more like Chinese food. Very tasty but not particularly filling. The reliance on set scenarios and linear plots makes replay value limited and ‘unlockable items’ as a tool for player retention obviously has its shortcomings as well. The exceptions would be sports games, as they tend to be pretty dynamic and unpredictable at least until you’ve mastered the AI, and the odd strategy game that’s less dependant on scripted events and repetative gameplay. Games that have good multiplayer aspects also would last a bit longer assuming you tend to be a social gamer - complex fighting games also come to mind here. I rarely if ever feel the need to pick up a console title because I’ll want to play it ‘eventually’. It’s usually an impulse buy, it gets played till I get bored or distracted, and it rarely gets picked up again (with KOEI strategy games as a general exception.)

Most of the PC games I want seem to be coming out in September. From Jump to Lightspeed to Crusader Kings. For that matter, KOEI’s Dynasty Warriors: Empire is coming out around then as well.

Time to catch up on those PC classics and recent releases I’ve been neglecting…

Nothing for me. I used to think that Political Machine was coming out this week, but I was wrong. I don’t have any games coming out until that… after which it’s Guild Wars and The Fall and Leisure Suit Larry all around the same time, then Guilty Gear Isuka, then the year’s over. I restarted Fallout 2 last night… looks like that’s what I’ll be playing until October.

Psi Ops for the PS2 comes out next week…