Where art thou dynamic campaigns?


Are there any games, sims, of the last 5 years that have dynamic campaigns? Do we have to go back further? Are there any non-simulator games that games that have dynamic campaigns?

One of my fav dynamic campaign type games of all time was SWOTL (look it up you young’uns) :ppppppp


There’s plenty, if your willing to substitute “dynamic campaigns” with “Open world gameplay”. If that doesn’t work for you, then I must ask, what in particular are you looking for? A main story that changes depending on your choices perhaps?


Funny, I actually wrote up a multiplayer set of rules for a Tunisia Campaign for a Multiplayer Operational Campaign, using Battle Academy as the Tactical resolution. That is how lacking I think that concept is across the board in PC Games. @cannedwombat can testify, I have sent him my crazy-man materials…


I didn’t want to just say sims or war games because I didn’t want to accidentally exclude some game(s) I hadn’t heard of, or a genre I’d neglected. So in respect to this thread, post anything. But generic open world gameplay is not exactly the kind of “dynamic campaign” I was thinking of. For example, the old Close Combat campaigns would qualify.


They’re planning a dynamic campaign for this, which is giving me a serious EF2000 vibe.


Other than that…I don’t know. I too love things with dynamic campaigns, but they seem few and far between these days.

Oh, the strategy game Sanctus Reach is getting/just got a sandbox campaign mode:

So maybe that’ll fit the bill?


Someone needs to redo Darklands.


Ohhh, Battlefleet Gothic II is said to have three dynamic campaigns.


Has it really been more than 5 years since AirLand battle came out? (checking wikipedia it has actually been 5 years 4 months - so yes!)


I DO so miss them. Great memories of Falcon & Red Baron & etc!



XCOM 2 and the various DLCs for it count as dynamic, I think.

Unity of Command has a weak one, if beer and pretzel war games are a thing you like. There are others in that genre that claim to have one but haven’t tried.

@Navaronegun is only moderately crazy. It’s fine. Just no sudden movements.


I never played through to completion, so take this with a grain of salt, but Pyre had what I would call a dynamic campaign. Your roster, your path, your story arc, all depended on your choices or your successes and failures in the matches. I played through about halfway 2 times and both were quite different. I actually really loved it, and just talking about it makes me want to play again.


Speaking of which, where is my goddamn Tornado remake??

Hmm interestingly the download link from here now points to GOG…? good news ahoy?



Oh god yes please. That and Hind, please.


IL-2 Stalingrad (et al.) has a dynamic campaign, called ‘Career Mode’. So do the Graviteam Tactics games (eg. Mius Front, Tank Warfare).

I guess you could say the Total War games do too?


I am hoping Assassins Creed: Odyssey might make the cut.


Off the top of my head: Offworld Trading Company, the Infested Planet planetary campaign and Invisible Inc.


There is work being done on building dynamic campaigns for DCS. Both modders such as Mbot and Eagle Dynamics themselves are working on it.


That was paining me in the back of my head so much since yesterday. I was thinking the Infested Planet DLC, but “what was that great game that featured a weird dynamic campaign Tom wouldn’t shut up about.”
Ah, such a relief, thank you!


Oh yeah, this claims to have a dynamic campaign:


Which reminds me, I think the recent Silent Hunter games do as well.


It’s also a really amazing game!