Where credit is due

I just want to give a big hurrah to Atari. Many of their games may be crap, their relationships with developers may be in the tank, their back end support is terrible and you’re luck to get one patch on any title but their packaging is top notch.

I bought Pirates and Unreal Tournament 2004 tonight and when I got home I noticed they were both from Atari. Pirates comes with a nice manual spiral bound and full of information. I bought the CD version just because for some reason I’m leery of buying a DVD version of a game since the DVD is my second drive and I’d HATE to have to do some screwing around with my computer in order to just play a game. It came in a nice jewel case with a full color manual.

You rock Atari, now how long do I have to wait for a patch for Pirates.

What do you need patched?

I’m guessing his eye needs a patch?

I had the dvd edition finally arrive at my doorstop the other day. It’s a downright crime they didn’t include an eyepatch in the box.

I was given a Pirates eye patch at E3 one year. It came wrapped in a garish red “pirate” scarf. Trust me, you’re not missing anything.

Well, it’s a compromise. I understand that Legal advised against the original plan of stuffing a parrot into every box. So of course the zero-tolerance society swung too far the other way.

I’m guessing his eye needs a patch?

Nice one. Bada-bump!

Oh, and if you guys are lauding Atari, don’t forget RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. It’s another swell game they published this year.


I’m lauding the fact that the spend the extra buck or two to include decent packaging and manuals with their software.

As far as a patch:

No game is perfect, even if there aren’t too many bugs a developer can always add additional content and stuff, how 'bout new maps, more ships, a cool addition would be a tea/spice/silk pirate game set in the same time period. What if Stardock and Poptop were satisfied with their games as shipped?