Where do I buy guns on the internet?

(nevermind, Google truly answers all)

This both delights and frightens me.

You mentioned something in another thread about not having a wife anymore pretty soon…

I was just thinking the same thing!

Hahahaha. I should probably explain so as to not frighten. I’ve never been “allowed” to own a gun, but recent circumstances have put me in the position that I’ve started going to the range regularly with some FBI/CIA/military friends. They all own their own guns, and I either borrow their or rent my own at the range. So I’m partially interested in getting one, and partially just curious as to how much the different kinds cost. I also, like any good consumer, want to get a good deal if I can. Buying guns on the internet is fairly straighforward, you can’t get them delivered directly but rather to a gun store (or someone with a Federal Firearms License: FFL). Then you pay the gun store a fee and pick it up. I’m not sure who does the background check, probably the original seller.

I don’t even know if I really want one, I’m just curious. It’s kind of funny because I’m, by far, the most socially progressive/liberal/democrat of this whole group, by far. Liberals with guns!

You can get a good quality handgun for $400-600. A good rifle will cost you about a grand, and an assault rifle will cost you several.

Here are some manufacturer websites for you:

Heckler & Koch
FN Herstal

Yes, that’s why I clarified here . . . . bad timing… ha!

The circumstances that lead me to being able to potentially own a gun are that I’m getting separated/divorced, and they were not allowed in the house before. Along with many other things, such as cooked meat and happiness.

This is probably not the thread to go into all that though.

I should probably not have mentioned this fact in that other thread . . . oh well. Slip up, probably subconcious, maybe not so much. I wasn’t paying attention, just mentioned it flippantly.

Heh, you’re sounding pretty defensive there, Guap.

You might want to check the DC regulations on guns before you buy one online, since they’re really, really strict.

Also, hypothetically, if you were going to shoot anyone with your gun, switch out the barrel and the hammer afterwards so forensics can’t match the bullets.

I’ll echo that thought. Make sure to contact a local gun store to see what the laws are in your area.

Bah! Quit messing around with real firearms and get back to slinging plasma at aliens, will ya?

  • Alan

Congratulations on your shattered dreams! I would have pegged you as an outwardly embattled but secretly thrilled gentleman of many torrid affairs.

Since you are getting unmarried, I task you this quest;

Brave one,

For many years a foul creature has threatened our lands.
Long have we waited for a Hero.
Get a girl to take her panties off while you are at dinner in a buffet style restaurant, then surreptitiously deposit them in a crumpled ball by the salad bar.


Sigh. This thread was not timed right, was it . . .

I live in Alexandria, Virginia, FYI.

Sorry to hear it, ElG. I hope things work out for you.

Sadly, this thread is

http://www.gunbroker.com - Ebay, but with Guns! Also, information on how the shipping etc works, and local FFL’s and how much it costs for transfers.

I’d suggest hitting the local gun store and renting some stuff and get an idea of what feels good to shoot, etc. then going to gunbroker and pick it up cheap.

Bastard, you made my dr.pepper go up my nose.

Sorry, Bill D, but Flowers is this forum’s MVP.


As a fellow Alexandrian, where have you been shooting? I’m looking for a range where I could go every 2-3 years when I get the itch.

Well then I would go South in search of easy tail. My friend Stephen from Georgia was always horrified by how few good looking women there are in the North when compared to the South. He also pointed out that the South is completely bereft of good looking guys in reasonable shape.

But you’re so close to the line, I dunno, you’ve got New York, where you could sell yourself as a modern day Colonel Sanders of pussy. I think New York is too far and expensive, go South. They will be more likely to let you keep your guns, but they will probably expect your help when they retaliate for the War of Northern Aggression. That will happen as soon as they sober up. So pencil that in around never.

You know what angle I bet would really work? Go find some chick gun club and pretend to be some babe in the woods gentle dude and let one of them convince you to go along with them and “learn that guns ain’t so bad.” They won’t see you coming until they are literally wiping it off of their shatterproof orange safety goggles. You should be able to track them down using a community social callendar. Try to run into them at a restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages in the early to mid-afternoon. This will give you time enough to fire off a couple rounds at the range, then go back to her place and fire off a couple more rounds before her husband comes home with the kids.

I would stay away from going to a huge anti-gun rally and hoping that some hot woman invites to see what it is your criticizing. People at rallies are usually to worked up to think about fucking anyone from the other side. Also, the groups are so large there’s not really a shot at personal attention. Maybe a small rally? Get like six friends and go picket the NRA, hmm. This idea needs work. I will let you know when I figure out a way that won’t get you shot. Also, husbands are a real risk factor in this plan.