Where do u get your asian games news

i dont know, for all my life it seems like the western countries only get the eastern games news when the games are releasing in english. otherwise theres pretty much no way of learning whats hot on this side of the globe. (unless u learn chinese or japanese or korean and read them local sites) on the contrary, gamespot, ign, gamespy etc are very good sources of western games that we can all ready anywhere in the globe. there are so many games coming out from korea and taiwan, and of course japan has a buttload too, i also know a hole bunch more are coming from china, albeit bad quality, so where do u guys get your asian games news? or do u guys even care? howcome there isnt a major portal bring the east to the west? am i the only person pondering this??


My primary source for Asian game news is Kitsune :)

ya see, maybe i should ask Kitsune and start our own little web site, he can cover the japan side and i do the chinese crap… only missing a korean now ^_^v

damn, beaten to the punch!

ya see, maybe i should ask Kitsune and start our own little web site, he can cover the japan side and i do the chinese crap… only missing a korean now ^_^v[/quote]

I think you may have missed the part where I linked you to a news site about asian gaming.

http://www.the-magicbox.com is what I use.

Read the Gaming Age Forums. You’ll get all your news in one place.


Yeah, but Kitsune only talks about Japanese games.

All other Asian games are MMOs. I grabbed some listing of Korean games in development and it’s crazy how many MMOs are being made over there now – dozens upon dozens.

OH! Tokyopia relaunched too!


…and Kevin Gifford knows a lot about the Japanese market and writes for 1UP too.


There’s also John Ricciardi’s Blog. He lives there and offers a lot of cool insight into Japan.


Finally, Andrew Vestal of The GIA is another one that’s all over the map but always provides Japanese insight from time to time.


For Heaven’s sake, just start clicking the “friends” links at Ricciardi’s site. You’ll begin to know a lot of names that have written for magazines and web sites that you probably already read and you’ll also figure out that these guys know a lot about games.

Oh shit! Almost forgot… Game Science appeared earlier this year and it rocks.



oops i didnt miss it, in fact i went and took a look

korea alone is making more than a hundred online games, they are flooding the market with the genre. its amazing how similar they are to each other and yet more are coming out by the month.

tw developers are also abandoning single player games, probably because they think mmo would secure them a monthly income. little do they know that to develop a good mmo takes at least 2 to 3 years whilst they are mostly puting in a year or so into making them. the good news is, this situation is changing cause the 1st wave of crap mmo are somehow making money besides, to battle the korean productions they have to put more time and effort into their work.

hopeful we will see some good pc games developers emerging from asia and add more variety to the existing market