Where do you put yourself on the political spectrum?

On a scale of 1 = Far left and 9 = Far Right.

I put myself at a 6, but the test doesn’t really work that well for libertarians. I’m far left on some issues (favoring gay marriage, drug legalization, etc.) and far right on others (favoring tax cuts, spending cuts, etc.)

I’m a political atheist, so none of those choices apply to me! :D


Ditto, to a fucking T.

I’m a 6 on that scale, but I lean to the “Front” towards libertarianism a LOT.

Small-L, of course. I don’t trust a corporation to be benevolent any more than I trust the government. In a perfect world, you could trust business to the extent the government ONLY needs to exist to protect the nation. But in a realistic perfect world, business hates government, government hates business, and they both keep a wary eye on each other.

You’re a nonpolitico? ;)

I know that this scale is rather “simplistic”, and doesn’t account for some of you whacky folks out there.

But I see no way to do something like… The World’s Smallest Political Quiz given only one dimension to work with.

FWIW, on that quiz, I’m hanging in the center of “left liberal” diamond.

I put myself at 4, mostly because I see myself as left. My view on things may be regarded by others as slightly to the right, actually.

Man the barricades, comrades!! Oh wait… I’m a happy capitalist. Never mind.

Yeah, like that’s a big suprise.

I put myself at 4, mostly because I see myself as left. My view on things may be regarded by others as slightly to the right, actually.

that’s the problem with all you left leaners…you’re always worried about how others see you and how you’d like to see yourself.

And why would supporting gay marriage or drug legalization be left issues? Because gays and drug users are mostly Democrat voters? Sorry to say that the Democrats are just as stubborn as Rebublicans when it comes to gay issues and drugs. If you don’t agree, read for yourself here

If there was a party for hypocrites, I’d be a member.
I’m totally free market for everything that doesn’t involve my job, wherein I’m totally for centralized control and promotion based on length of service.
I’m also totally pro-family values right up until it stops me doing anything that I may want to do with my personal life.
I believe in equal rights for everyone right up until people do something I disapprove of.
I’m all for equality and respect for other cultures/socio-economic classes/sexes/disabilities/races right up until I think that one of them has been given an advantage over me.
Like most people, I’ll happily embrace an ideology which gives me an advantage and I’ll reject it when I have to compromise my life for it.
Tricky things, us people.

No, the problem is that I have what I regard as leftish intentions, while my means might be slightly rightish.

Did you know that you are an idiot in the original Greek sense of the word? If my memory serves me correct, idiot means one who does not know politics. :wink:

You don’t believe that politics exist?

bmulligan does another drive-by change of issue!

I’m also amused. “X is a Democrat issue just because groups Y and Z are Democrats.” I’m no logician, but something seems wrong with that statement.

Well, I’m Pro-Choice and Pro-Gun, so that puts me firmly in the center, as far as the depth of american political debate goes.

Where do you vote if your position is “pro-personal freedom”? That would be left socially, right fiscally. Broadly speaking.

Ask XPav, he’s got the ‘down low’. I gave it to him as I was driving away…

Wherever you want to.

I also realized something about bmulligan – he’s made a grand total of 1 post to the games forum. That strikes me as odd for some reason.

Well, I collect a lot of old-school games. I have a PS2 and a Cube but I don’t get all the ‘new’ games when they come out so I don’t really have much to say about them. I read a lot of threads there to get ideas about what games to rent or buy, but I’m a cheap ass and wait for the price drop for most games. My PC’s a bit old too, and I don’t really play games on it anymore. Not since HalfLife and UnrealTourney 4 years ago.

For good reason, I’d say. I assume 2 posts would strike you as even?