Where do you see PC gaming in next few years (not another 'dying' thread)


Aw, you were doing so well until this part.

I can still delete it :)

Adree: Wow. Just wow.

Please don’t delete posts thirty minutes after you post them. People who spend their time typing an honest reply get shafted.

Sorry, i wasn’t expecting this kind of conversation, so i deleted it… At least someone wanted to give and honest reply. Sorry again, i’m off…

Welcome to Qt3, you might rarely get what you expect – but if you hang in there a conversation might just take place between all the trolls.

Thanx, but never again.

FYI, conversations are exchanges, a give and take, not a collectively made piece of artwork, i.e., they can’t be ruined unless you want them to be.

Ignore caesarbear, Ivan trademark symbol. Kerzain is one of our most influential and successful new posters, and he is the one you want to be emulating and listening to in this, your time of struggle and crisis.

Listen to quatoria, because it isn’t the validity what is said thats important, but the popularity of the person is who says it.

You suck at forums Ivan.

I wasn’t in before the ninja-edit.
Can someone paraphrase the op? Or is it just not worth it?

Somebody needs to bitchslap these newbies!

Also QT3 has this really handy ignore feature. You can put trolls there and never see a post from them again. It’s like a usenet kill file.

Coming from you, all of us are noobs mr. 13k

But he signed up after you. Signal noise ratio and all that.

Not to mention my awesome typing fu.