Where have I heard the wind in Tomb Raider before?

Title Where have I heard the wind in Tomb Raider before?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When April 6, 2013

I remember hearing an odd sound in the wind at certain points in Tomb Raider, as if the wind was blowing over broken glass pipes, as if someone was running a wetted finger along the rim of a wineglass..

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Are you talking about the Wilhelm fart?

I'm reasonable sure Mr. Oizo and the folks that made Tomb Raider used a similar sound library, but I'd love to be wrong. Speaking of Wrong... I need to see that too.

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While I can understand your confusion about "your" and "you're" -- it's a common mistake and an understandable one given your obvious, uh, passion -- I can't imagine why anyone would spell "yourself" with three R's. Two R's I could maybe understand. But three?

Unfortunately, you don't. :(

Mr. Chick, I can't believe the hate levelled at you over the whole Bioshock Infinite review. I currently live in Japan where the game is not yet unlocked, so I can't say whether I agree with your views but I absolutely valued your review, as I do your excellent podcasts. In response to the almost incoherent, mindless vomit that people like this guy are writing I can only shake my head. I'd like to apologise on behalf of the internet. There are plenty of people who are very grateful for the serious consideration and honesty you put into your opinions. Thank you. Incidentally I just came away from listening to a Bioshock Infinite review on the latest Jumping the Shark podcast and they agree with you, as does Totalbiscuit on YouTube, in the sense that all that glitters is not necessarily gold in Columbia. Good on you for seeing through the Emperor's new clothes. I'm still looking forward to lapping up that gorgeous world design though. Cheers, sir.

I don't know what's more impressive, Tom—your investigative journalistic job with this article or the fact that I've already seen "Rubber" (I'd rather not, but it's clearly kind of student's movie, that is, to show that the guy can surely shoot)!

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Randomguy. And no need to apologize on behalf of the internet. I'm well aware that much of it is capable of intelligent conversation and even civil disagreement. Well, small meaningful corners of it, at any rate.

Hope you enjoy Bioshock Infinite when it comes out over there. There's a lot to like in it. But stop reading reviews! Part of its value is discovering it.

I agree with Tom's Bioshock assessment, but man, I had so much fun playing that game and the ending was just golden. Even more golden than Persona 4 and I really dug that game.

To anyone who hasn't played or finished Bioshock Infinite - you owe it to yourself as a gamer to lock yourself away from the world until you've finished the game.

Do it! Now!

Worst Website Ever! Tom should just get paid by the game industry's marketing departments. Then this website would be awesome. Seriously, Tom, think of the income opportunities for selling your critical journalistic soul! C.R.E.A.M.

Dude, critical journalistic souls are a dime a dozen these days. It's a buyer's market.

However, if there was some way to bottle incoherent nerdrage, I'd be sitting on a goldmine here!

I heard the zip line sound in Buffy the other day. Would have been the end of season 1 or the start of season 2.