Where in the galaxy is Derek Smart?

Hi All

Well, apart from turning down a sponsored trip to Paris to attend Dreamcatcher’s media event (where my games were also being featured) and also canceling my plans to attend GDC this year - all because I am very busy at work; and the case of the Paris trip, not wanting to be away from my familiy and outside the US in the event of an inevitable Bush War, I’ve been hard at work on the final touches to BCM Gold which is scheduled to go Gold later this month.

While, given my flexible schedules I have always found time to visit my favorite watering hole, I have not posted since March 3rd because I have been contemplating whether or not the board would benefit from my absence, seeing that my trollish entourage would most likely disappear into lives of meaningful ventures without me.

To this ened, I have received several emails and PMs on my board since my last post on March 3rd in this thread, asking why I had quit the board.

The reason I stoped posting is simple. If I continue to post, Huffman and his minions are going to ruin the boards as they have the Usenet and other non-moderated boards I used to frequent (e.g. Planetcrap).

And since I particularly lack any sort of self-control when it comes to ignoring trolls - on a good day - the best option was for me to withdraw from the forum until further notice. I took the same stance when I quit posting on the Usenet more than a year and a half or so ago.

On moderated forums (e.g. Gone Gold, Dexterity etc) where this sort of behaviour is not tolerated, overcoming the initial onslaught of trolls is quite easy. Here it is not.

I like this forum and the friends I have here. I have known Mark and most of the others for many, many years, fought many battles on opposite sides, on the same side etc etc and the opening of this forum presented a great opportunity to mingle with peers and sychophants alike without the cesspool inference that is the Usenet and elsewhere.

About ten minutes ago, I received a PM on my board from one of the many moderators we have. It is one of several messages I have received and what I am about to post, will give you as very small idea of what I’m up against. I can’t think of any other method of harrassment than this.

Here is the message sent by Jaguar:

Subject: stupid moderator e-mails

I have been getting about 4 moderator e-mails a week now, all complaining about something that you did on the board.

The SC was rude, or this math doesn’t add up and crap like that.

The last one I got was ACTUALLY from Bill Huffman, the little bastard.

What is with these people, since you ignore them on other boards they have to come here and hurass the moderators instead? What a bunch of freaks.

Thought that I would let you know, if you haven’t heard about it from the other Mods.

Don’t know what we can do about it, but wanted to let you know that it was happening.


AKA Jaguar

And here is what one of these notifications looks like.

A user (Bill Huffman at IP has requested that you review the following post by Supreme Cmdr in a forum you moderate:

[quote]Originally posted by Epsilon 5: [qb] I don’t see how you cannot understand it. Maybe I should just go take that video recording program and show you what I mean :rolleyes: [/qb]
No, save the recording. You’re just being foolishly argumentative again. :mad: The mouse is a control scheme that, like the keyboard, emulates the joystick, which, gasp uses the flight dynamics. As such, the turn rate of the mouse is still dependent on the dynamics of the craft - just like the keyboard - just like the joystick. Just because other games have no such concept, doesn’t mean squat - other than, well, I’m doing it the way it suits MY GAME and how it should work in MY GAME. Get it? Now siddown please.

The user’s reason for this request is: The SC is being rude.

You may view the topic at the following URL: http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=001149;p=1#000012

And if you run the IP in the above one and one below, through WhoisView you will see that they are both from the same IP range and ISP. Indicating that, it is once again, Huffman posting under yet another alias. If you recall from the thread in which he was posting rubbish, this was the same circular argument he started and which he then had to apologize for.

A user (Jeffy at IP has requested that you review the following post by Supreme Cmdr in a forum you moderate:

Even with NPDs error margin, it is still inaccurate. BC3K v2.0x sold about 2x those units. Which is in fact why EB picked up the exclusive rights. Besides, Lancer probably got those figures from a post that Desslock made on the Usenet on 01-18-2002 in the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim thread. Here are some snippets. You can find the entire thread on Google if your use the advanced search and then use desslock as the author, battlecruiser as the word search and in the forum above. [quote] I really wonder why the genre’s been so thoroughly abandoned by gamers, but it’s really hit the skids over the past several years, but it’s a pretty recent development: Descent Freespace (Freespace 1 - a 1998 release) sold well, as did the last Wing Commander (late 1997) and X-wing Alliance (early 1999). XWA outsold the other two by a large margin. But the genre’s had one successive bomb after another since then, and each release seems to do worse than the others. FreeSpace 2 did, in retrospect, o.k., but sold less than half the units of the original game. Allegiance, Tachyon and Xbeyond the Frontier only sold a few thousand copies (Interplay’s re-release of Battlecruiser 3000 did better than any of those games). Starlancer did a little better, but it was still a big commercial flop. And Independence War 2 and Jump Gate both sold very, very poorly in the U.S., even though they were both good games. Hopefully they did better in other markets (like the U.K., in IW2’s case, in particular) Games developed in non-U.S. markets tend to do better in non-U.S. jurisdictions, understandably enough. Desslock

Sorry, the spacing got kinda monkeyed up. Hopefully it’s clearer now (below) – Desslock’s RPG News: http://desslock.gamespot.com New Gaming Industry Editorials on Fridays 1997: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (Balance of Power) 333,608 units ($15,333,000) Wing Commander Prophecy (and gold) 210,000 units ($7,110,000) 1998 Descent Freespace (Freespace 1) (and gold) 147,158 units ($4,563,000) Freespace expansion pack (alone) 23,000 units ($404,000) (so approximately 170,000 units and $5,000,000 for Freespace 1 in total) Independence War 61,000 units ($2,210,000) Interplay Re-release of Battlecruiser 3000 41,037 units ($405,000) (I don’t have any figures on Take Two’s original release, although Derek may be able to provide them) 1999 X-Wing Alliance 235,920 units ($7,457,000) FreeSpace 2 (including game of the year) 83,484 units ($2,703,000) Independence War Deluxe 23,000 units ($487,000) (so approximately 84,000 units and $2,700,000 for Independence War and its expansion) 2000 Tachyon 61,200 units ($2,112,000) Starlancer 27,390 units ($1,147,000) Allegiance 12,700 units ($443,000) X-Beyond the Frontier 10,834 units ($295,000) 2001 Independence War 10,069 units ($407,000) I can’t find Jump Gate’s stats for some reason, but as I recall it sold less than 10,000 units.

The user’s reason for this request is: This post is offensive to anyone who has a basic understanding of mathematics.

You may view the topic at the following URL: http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=001818;p=1#000002

The bulletin board software we use (UBB) has a new feature called Report Post and since it appeared, Huffman and his minions have been using it to spam our admin and mod addresses. Each time that post is used, the forum mod (for that forum) and the board admins are notified via email.

I had disabled this feature when it first appeared a few months ago, but when the board was upgraded recently, it was re-enabled. To the extent that it was only a few days ago that I posted on the developer’s forum asking them to make this feature available only to registered forum members in order to prevent this sort of abuse.

The IP addresses of Huffman and several of his Usenet friends are in an .htaccess file on the server. This prevents the IPs from ever accessing our site, let alone the boards. But of course, once they refresh their IP (even on a static PPoE connection), it will bypass the security of the site. Huffman and co have been advised several times via direct email, Usenet postings, banning (they can’t post on the board and never have been able to) about coming to my site to disrupt it. To the extent that I file a complaint with the FBI’s internet crimes unit about two years ago. That went nowhere. The closest I have ever come to curbing this harrassment is by reporting him and his minions to directly to their ISPs. This resulted in account terminations (three or four times IIRC in the case of Huffman). They just setup shop elsewhere. It became a lesson in futility and a time wasting excercise.

Upon my withdrawal from the QT3 forum - following Huffman and friends’ foolish assertion that I was posting as someone else (a practice they have perfected when met with opposing views), I learned of this Usenet thread he created proclaiming my disppearance from the board. This was of course prior to his apology in the last QT3 thread he disrupted with his usual brand of rubbish.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, on March 8th, he started this thread about Dreamcatcher, my publisher. This is similar in vein to a similar thread he had created a while back.

This is what this psycho and his friends do. Day in. Day out. Almost everyday. Almost everywhere. If thats not harrassment, I’m not sure what is.

Today, I have decided to once again bring this to the attention of my attorney in Miami and indeed their counterparts in California in the hopes that, at the very least and given these recorded activities, if nothing else, a case for harrassment - coupled with the already perpetrated libel going back several years (going on seven) - could be feasible.

I have had it and it has become increasingly obvious that unless I do something - anything - this is never going to stop. My publisher is already and has been since before I even signed with them, aware of this prick and his activities. Not only given his failed attempts at dragging Interplay and their reps into his stupid activities, he is, as you can see, once again attempting the same with Dreamcatcher. One thing that Huffman does not realize is that I have a long, long term commitment iwht my publisher which entails a significant financial investment in my products and my company’s ability to develop and deliver those products. As such, not only is he attempting to hurt my business (which he has tried to in the past) he is now - again - extending his actions to my publisher. He obviously has NO idea what he has started or where its going to lead.

The action that I am now forced to take is going to be swift, decisive and without any room for a slap on the wrist for anyone involved in this level of harrassment. We have simply had enough and this has gone too far and gone on for too long, unchecked. It is now obvious and evident that ignoring this problem is not going to make it go away - and now more than ever, I have to actually do something instead of just talking about it and letting it slide because I don’t want to spend money on this twit.

And that is all I have to say about that. The rest lies in the future. One thing is certain, by the time I’m done, I doubt that anyone is going to be pointing the finger at me.

I mean about backing off to see if it cooled down. That’s a real stand up thing, considering it hasn’t always been your tack. It’d be a shame to not have you in here talking about games and stuff, so I hope you’re able to deal with this and be around in the future.


I wonder how long ago Huffman would have found something else to do if you’d just ignored him, though? That message is a major ego boost for the guy, given his fascination with trolling you. Of course, it’s too late now – it’s his hobby now. What a sad, pathetic thing.

I wonder if he’ll regret the time he wasted on this idiocy on his deathbed?

I don’t envy being you with that sort of crap following me everywhere I post.


IMO people like Huffman must have seriously unbalanced lives to continue this sort of crap. I’d love to know what Huffman’s wife would think if she found out what he has been doing for the last 5 plus years.

If there is one thing the Internet loves and that is anonymous usenet wackos.

The user’s reason for this request is: This post is offensive to anyone who has a basic understanding of mathematics.

That was me. I wasn’t even serious, Derek. It was just a 30 second lark. Now I’m friggin dying laughing, though. :lol: :lol:

Nice to meet you, Mr. Huffman!

I showed up at Planetcrap because you were falsely accusing me of being a racist, Mr. Smart. You sure like to lie and commit libel and then scream that others are libelling you. Here’s a Usenet post where I documented the truth about your Planetcrap lie.

Derek’s Planetcrap Lie is exposed.

Or Derek himself gets banned from the forum like he did on EvilAvatar.

Derek, I would be interested in knowing who you consider to be a sychophant and who you consider to be a peer. (I assume by peer you mean an academic fraud?)

Look again, Mr. Smart, I didn’t use any alias. I signed my own name. I see no reason to try to hide from you. You were being rude. I simply let the moderator know this. If the moderator didn’t delete your post then it is his perogative. I did this once before. You were being rude and I sent a note to the moderator. You made up the same lie that time as well that I had made up an alias. At the time you said that you were going to disable that feature until it could require a logon. I guess you lied about that also?

Sorry, Mr. Smart, this is also a lie. You haven’t gotten any of my ISPs to drop me. With Access1 it was my choice to get a full refund for the rest of the year that I had paid in advance. BTW, thanks for helping me to get a refund from them.

Thanks for posting that link, I had to laugh again when I read it. BTW, I apologized for misunderstanding your poorly labeled list. However, the bottom line was that you grossly exaggerated when you claimed that BCM had outsold all space sims since freespace. It is just plain not true.

That was also very funny. Thanks for posting the link.

Oh Derek, you silly goose. You are lying about this attorney crap. You don’t have any attorney in California. The only attorney you had in Florida was your attorney you used for handling your bankruptcy. He isn’t going to care about your silly paranoia.

More of your impotent legal threats? Thanks for thought but I have an archive full of much better ones. This one isn’t even worth saving.


More Derek lies. I never tried to drag Interplay or Dreamcatcher into anything. Dreamcatcher keeps printing lies about you and your games. I’m just pointing out their lies. The other one was even more funny where they put on their website for a week or so that you were the author of the Elite series. My my, Derek, where could they have possibly gotten the false impression that you were the author of Elite?

People will always be pointing their finger at you and laughing, Mr. Smart. These silly threats are especially amusing. You’re the only one that has actually committed libel when you try to falsely accuse others of racism and when you use your silly threats of a lawsuit to accuse others of doing illegal activities.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs and you better hurry and get BC-Generations out. Dreamcatcher apparently reported to Computer Gaming World that it is going to be out this month.

Better look out, he might send the FBI after you now!!! :D

I play video games with a nephew who is younger than this argument. You seriously need to think about getting a fucking life, or at least how to monetize your wasted time and hatred.

Maybe you and sinner could hook up and tour the USA. “Waste Of Flesh Tour 2003”.



Mr. Smart’s biggest folly is that he participates in the flame war. This is what has made the flame war so popular, so entertaining, so persistent, and so long lasting. It is amazing that a game developer will frequently and consistently insult his customers and his potential customers on-line in a game news group. The flame war has become like a large soap opera. In the flame war there’s even been a day, August 22, that has been dubbed Derek Smart Says F-ck You Day. This day is to commemorate Mr. Smart’s unique style in public relations.

So basically, Huffman is saying that he only does it because you make it fun by responding and getting all cranked up. Thus, I ask, why do you feed the troll?

Interesting. I can’t remember the last time I said anything about you. Potshots like this seem to indicate you have more invested in continuing the feud than I do.

Wow. How long was that post up? Always lurking, never posting as yourself, but always posting. Which really confuses me.

You said you would no longer post under Sinner because I could then see who you were? But I already had your IP and can see it anyways - so why don’t you post as yourself? Oh that right, because you are such a little man you don’t even have the balls to stand behind your anonymous statements.

Do you really want me to look up your ip and see the last time you took a potshot at me? Should I look at how many posts that IP has?


By the way sinner - if you are so sure of yourself, so sure you aren’t doing what we both know you are. Let me ask Mark if it is okay to go back and create a user for you, then attach your name to every post you have made from this IP.

After all you have nothing to fear right? Say it is okay and I will ask Mark. Because you and I both know what a piece of shit you are, lets share it with everyone else.


Who really cares? You sound like a man obsessed. Do my posts really bother you that much? It’s almost flattering!

Everytime anyone posts pseudonymously from a leftist point of view, it gets attributed to me anyway, so you’re kidding yourself if you think I give a shit about that. I’m just fine with getting none of the credit for my pseudonymously innocuous, helpful, or humorous posts on games and TV and movies and the like, but all of the credit for anything negative posted anonymously. Because none of this matters that much, really. It’s all just an electronic bullshit session with people I don’t really know. To sum up, I post using different names because I find it amusing. Sorry it disturbs you this much.

First you accuse me of being a fat waste of flesh and now I’m a “little man.” Stop mixing your metaphors, silly boy. It’s a bad example for the young ones.

When was the last time anyone flamed you on this board? I can’t remember anything for months. Go right ahead and do whatever IP checks you want (though I seem to recall Chick and Asher vehemently denying in a recent thread that IP checks were being made on this version of the message board). Such a pointless and time-frittering investigatory measure (over what exactly, who knows) will simply reveal you as a man in love… Obsessed with a sassy manrump you can never have. If you have that much free time on your hands, I suggest finding a new hobby.

A topic where Derek says he’s not posting so as to avoid flamewars degenerates into a rehash of Chet vs. SiNNER.

Mmmmm… Sweet, delicious irony…

Or Derek himself gets banned from the forum like he did on EvilAvatar.

My question is, who hasn’t been banned from EvilAvatar? Not exactly a select group of people.

Also, Chet-- the goal of life is not to monetize everything. People enjoy whatever the hell it is they enjoy, however ridiculous it may seem to the outside observer. You could say that about a lot of hobbies, including gaming. Or flaming people on messageboards. Or whatever.

Sinner I forgot how useless you really are - first you say you aren’t posting blah blah blah - then oh you are but who cares. So now you are mad I am not making fat jokes?

phpBB2 logs ips and attaches them to every single post. I don’t think there is a setting to turn it off.


“Go right ahead and do whatever IP checks you want (though I seem to recall Chick and Asher vehemently denying in a recent thread that IP checks were being made on this version of the message board).”

All I ever said, and I believe Tom echoed this, is that we (Tom and I) don’t do IP checks. I don’t even know how to, and I’m not motivated to learn.

Your IP is between you and Chet. If you don’t care if Chet looks it up, I don’t care. If you do care, I’d ask Chet to not publicize it. Let him know.

What if you don’t care and he doesn’t care and Chet doesn’t care, but I care?