Where In The World Is Trevor Chan?

You’d think the publisher of Seven Kingdoms: Conquest could capture the magic again ten years later, right?

I think that Trevor Chan was too busy working on the blockbuster hit, American McGee presents Bad Day L.A. to be involved with this one.

I don’t know who Trevor Chan is, so I thought this had something to do with Shoot Club.


What in the world gave IGN the idea to employ an actual writer after all these years?

And then let him break out of the 7-9 scale?

At first, I thought IGN had hired Trevor Chan to be a writer, which made me incredibly sad.

Then I read that he’s still making games, which made me happy.

Now Tom thinks the game sucked, which brings me back to just sad. I have fond memories of the games he and Enlight churned out back in the day.

Man, that review should just be replaced with a big frowny face.


You know, I read a review of that game in the latest GI and was like, “Seven Kingdoms, that sounds familiar…” but the name Trevor Chan unlocked the memories. What a cool game that was… sort of like RoN before RoN.

edit: I realize you said that in your review. But I typed that before I read it. I swear.

Dang, scratch another title off my wish list. :(

I’m not sure about Trevor, but I found Carmen Sandiego in a train station downtown: http://www.deskbreaker.com/drjonez/images/carmensandiego.jpg

I couldn’t get past the first three red flags, myself… But I still plan to play the game at one point out of respect of the series and I’m also searching around in the friends network for copies of the first games. I have some foggy memories of playing them, but I think I never really played them to the fullest…

thats really too bad. i met Trevor a few years back, i was working in a local game magazine. that was before he got himself hooked up with Mcgee and online games. i had hopes to enter game development then, but i was far from being impressed by his team and the way he ran his company.

i saw how he developed Cap 2, Joan of Arc and Restaurant Tycoon, how his staff started leaving cause he was cutting cost and moving back to the mainland, how he started his online game project, which in my eyes is total crap but hey its the asian market we talking about, and then eventually Mcgee came over… i basically witnessed Enlight first hand going from bad to worse.

i never played the original 7 kingdoms, people said it was good but from my experience with Enlight i really doubt it. it is too bad that his new game is plagued with so many problems but his games’ quality have been a on downward trend so this has to happen eventually.

First Carmen Sandiego, and now this guy? Sheesh, I give up!

Don’t let their recent subpar releases fool you, the mid-to-late `90s was Enlight’s Golden Age: Seven Kingdoms I & II and Capitalism I & II earned their acclaim.

God did I loathe my time with that game.

This makes me sad. Seven Kingdoms II is one of my favorite strategy games ever, but not seeing Chan’s name on this new one made me steer clear.

I loved Seven Kingdoms 1 (2 was okayish ), and was actively waiting for Conquest and still missed the information that it was released for over a month…

The few indie reviews so far also dont sound very promising. :(

From the IGN review:

The orange stuff coming out of the dragon is supposed to be fire.

Haha, thats funny, because it looks somewhat like the fire in Seven Kingdoms 1. :P

/Hint for Seven Kingdoms 1:
Make all your soldiers “out of” spies. Its expensive, but they are immune to moral and never defect or get bribed. :)

I understand what you’re saying here, but this phrase makes me smile. I imagine you hopped up on caffeine & impatiently tapping your foot. For months on end.