Where is Qt3 leveling new WoW characters?

So I still can’t get onto that stupid Arathor server with a new character. I’ve got a Blood Elf on Frostwolf, and I’d like to start a Dranei somewhere with other Qt3 folks. Is there any consensus on where folks are going to start new Alliance characters?


Probably Moonrunner for Qt3-affiliated alliance action with <Drop Bears>.

I’m playing a BE paladin on Mal’Ganis where I have my 60s.

Anyone who would like to start an alliance character is welcome to start on Moonrunner and play with the Drop Bears. We have non-QT3 people in the guild, but they’re nice people. :P

I’ll try to be around most of the day on Chav, so give me a holler in game or on IRC if I happen to be not paying attention. I’m mostly watching out the window at the moment, waiting for UPS to get here.

Yes, Moonrunner is your best bet for alliance. I thought that since Moonrunner was closed to transfers maybe it was also closed to rolling new toons (at least if you don’t already have any on that server), but if that is not the case that is where you should go.

Hordewise, most of the Qt3 presence has migrated to Arathor. I also have a couple of horde toons (including a 60 and a 56) on Akama (pvp), but I’m the only one that I know there.

My prominent allies on Moonrunner are named Zoser and Stendahl, by the way.

It’s only closed to new characters when the server is queued. If you get on when it’s not queued you can make a character. That mechanic applies to any server with a queue.

I created a level 1 orc last night on Moonrunner and transferred him over to Arathor. I should have named him free pass. I’m not certain but I believe I can create new characters now. I’ll give it a shot as soon as the expansion hits my mailbox.

Okay, I’m on Moonrunner as Bluechick (Dranei huntress). I’m working my way through the newbie stuff now if anyone wants to come along.


Soon as I finish installing (yay UPS!) I’ll toss you an invite :)

A/L - R u Hawt!?

Be on tonight after work about 6:00 CST, that is unless I’ve been Hijacked again and someone else is playing as me :(

Hope to see you on Tom

Tom is a mangina? Say it ain’t so!

Not as mangina as if he made a blood elf chick.

Actually, Bloodchick is my BE paladin on Frostwolf.


P.S. I have no idea what mangina is, but I don’t think I’m that.

You’re on Frostwolf? That’s my server. I can twink you like you’ve never been twinked! Give Stablock, Gnomeslicer, or Stabstab a shout. Probably Stablock. He’s my fave at the moment.

Ain’t the internet grand?

Oscar disagrees! ;)