Where is Whitta in South SF? (Or: Help Steal a 360)

If anyone knows where Whitta is more specifically than the Frappr for Qt3 shows, post to thread so we can coordinate a theft to deprive him of his new Xbox 360.

Personally I don’t even want the 360, I just want to see him cry.

I’d drive the 4 hours just to see that.

We’ll need a demolitions expert, a safe cracker, two bagmen, a face, a catburglar, a computer layout and two weeks to plan this one.

Or just lay a trail of dirty magazines and bengay coupons down the street, ring his door bell, and dash in when he bolts down the street.

Flowerses Elevenses

Bring it on. I’ll fuck you all up.

How much time will we do if we get caught? I mean, we’re stealing this thing right? It definitely sounds like we’re stealing it. And why does he keep the 360 in the bathroom next to the toilet?

Don’t do it. He could shoot you!

Don’t do it. He could shoot you![/quote]
Could? Will!

Well, I need a crane for this size of a power supply. Can I at least steal a crane?

360PS huge LOL :lol:

I guess we’ll need a forklift to transport it.

I suggest bringing canisters of tear gas so we can disorient him prior to entering his domicile.

In 2005, gamer Gary Whitta was unable to acquire an Xbox 360 at launch due to a preorder he didn’t make. This man promptly found the system afterward and took it to his maximum security home in the South San Francisco area. Today, still wanted by other Qt3 posters, the system is targeted by a crack commando team.

If you have a console, and if no one else can find one, and if they can find you, maybe you’re the target of: The Q Team.