Where should I buy PC games?

I am about to write off EB completly. I suppose there is still best buy, but I am considering some online sources.

I went in to look for Galatic Civ 2 and AoE III. The first was unavailable (at 3 EB locations) and the latter was only at one location and was PC CDRom.

Is AoE III available on DvD?

I figured Id order online and be able to get a DvD version of AoE III if such a thing exists, and also pick up Galatic Civ 2. However it seems on EB Online that Galatic Civ 2 is backordered and AoE III doesn’t list if it is DvD or CD. Amazon doesn’t even list Galactic Civ 2.

Any suggestions?

Is there any particular reason why you want to buy a physical copy of a game that is available as a painless, unprotected, archivable download?


Huge PC section with tons of even relatively obscure games.

He said “buy” not “warez”.

Yeah, but not all of us have the glory that is Fry’s. It truly is an amazing place.

I’ve pretty much given up on brick and mortar stores for PC Games. EB has the latest Sims expansion, and a crowded rack of crap. It even has a lot of room available for Left Behind boxes - in case you want to preorder.

But if I wanted to just drop in and grab a game, it’s the last place I’d go.

Online is where it’s at.


I’m pretty sure Christoph was referring to the perfectly legal digital download of GalCiv II.

He also said GalCiv 2.


Yes, I know. That was a quick pummeling, though.


Sign up for their 48 hour madness email. That and the fact that buying 3 games (and in my last shipment I got 4 games + their free game) for the exact same shipping as 1 game, means I always buy 3 games at a time from them. My last shipment was 3 copies of Psychonauts (prizes for my students + 1 for me), CivIV, and Trackmania (free game) for something like $70 including shipping.

There is no Fry’s near me. And I want to get two games, not just Galatic Civ 2. Also this is for future reference where I might get future titles too. Ill check gogamer and see what they have.

Second that, gogamer .com is a good site, had a very good exp with them plus they have lot of import/ european editions of games availble

I saw two versions of AoE III, one for 47.95 and one for 36.90.

The 36.90 one’s description is “This is the full english import edition of Age of Empires 3. This item ships in a DVD style case. Does not require DVD compatible CDROM drive.”

Why the price difference? And other then a DvD case (is it CDRoms in a DvD case?) is it any differant?

Online, Gogamer.com is the best online place for pc games. As for brick and moron stores, Best Buy and Target are the two best nation wide chains out there right now. Target is rather cool because they have excellent clearance deals. There is normally a rack somewhere in the store for clearance items. They often thrown in pc games at $1.98-$5.99 prices.

GoGamer again, it is where it’s at. Since I’m a cheapass gamer I also check Ebay, but I’ve been using Half.com more because I hate bidding. (takes too long)

They did the same thing for CivIV-- DVD version was $10 cheaper than CDRom version. The only thing I can think of is that CD jewel cases are heavier than DVD cases (more plastic), so shipping is more expensive.

I check that rack weekly. Console games usually have a rack too. It’s definitely awesome. I almost wish you hadn’t posted it. I’ve gotten so many games for $10 or less this way, some of which were still $30 or more elsewhere.

Is it really so difficult in the us of a to get a pc game?

Here in germany i can buy pcgames on a lot of places…

In the US pc gaming at least at the retail level is almost dead.

Im still trying to figure out how to buy games online from Singapore. I holidayed there recently and the new release games were about $55 Singapore = $46 Aus = $34.50 USD.

About the half the price they are here in Australia! Fully legal as far as I could tell as well. (On sale at the posh shops in the airport no less) And only a 5 hour plane trip away :-) Singapore is the local Asia Pacific hub for every single international courier company, so I must be able to get cheap shipping as well!

Probably would be faster than ordering from some place in the same country.

Time to offshore your games purchases!

Only if you go to a tiny EB or GameStop. If you go to a normal-sized one, or Target, or Wal-Mart, or Best Buy, it’s fine. And if you go to Fry’s, well, you’ll wish PC gaming were dead.