Where the Hell is Matt? Kickstarter

Remember, in 2006? Some guy posts a video online (was this before YouTube??) of himself doing a dopey dance in a few dozen exotic locations around the world? I can’t help it. I love that guy. I absolutely love his dumb little dance. He’s since done two other videos, each time getting more and more people to join him and sometimes going to places that aren’t that easy to get to (Antarctica… North Korea…). He’s now running a Kickstarter for a fourth video.

Huh, guess he lost the gum sponsor. I loved his videos though. Loved them, so I’ll back this.

I loved the first video’s, so definitely backing this!

Fuck, I wish I would have thought of getting other people to pay for my vacations. :(

My thoughts exactly.

Did you guys even watch the videos?

Yeah sure. They are well shot (if slightly shakey), nicely edited, he seems to be engaged with locals and, in all fairness, his dancing technique is near flawless and mesmerising in it’s own way.

He’s still asking for 125k, 75k of which is still funding a jaunt around the world to film a youtube video.

More power to him, I guess. Reminds me of the potato salad kickstarter.

Wait. What? I missed this? Damn.

Yes. He goes to exotic (and some not so exotic) places and does a goofy fucking dance for 15 seconds. Occasionally, he gets a bunch of locals to join the goofy dance for 15 seconds.

I’m not sure why anyone would pay him to take vacations.

Hah, alrighty then.

Eh. I’m a cynical old grump but I’ll probably toss this guy a few bucks.

I’ll admit to getting a bit of dust in my eye the first time I watched his 2nd (?) video. There was something about seeing people the world over join him in his goofy dance. It’s a simple but affirmative message, and even more relevant with all of the ridiculousness and isolationism we’re seeing in the news.

Dance on, man. Send me a postcard.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is just totally charmed by this guy’s silly stunt.

I get where you’re coming from, but somehow I don’t mind with this guy . Maybe it’s because he isn’t trying to trick anyone, or take advantage of anyone. He doesn’t pretend to do anything other then what he actually does: tour around the world and do silly dances. In fact, if you’d visit his website and read about the first two videos, you’d find he’s just as surprised about being paid to travel around the world as we all are. Surprised, and happy about it, and well, who can blame him?

That, and the fact that his videos are as ‘feel good’ as you are ever going to get, makes me cheer for him.

This the same guy in Visa video advertisement?

it is, yes. Some background information from the website: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/about

That’s fine. I’m certainly not going to berate anyone that gets a kick out of this. I don’t really get it (I mean, to me, this isn’t that much different than me paying someone to see their Facebook photos in front of various monuments).

But it’s not like paying this guy is funding terrorism or something. It definitely falls into the, “I don’t get it, but rock on if it is your thing,” category.

The one thing I was thinking about this morning - I do have some wishes that people would open their wallets for less flashy things. I know that you cannot compel such things, but it would be sweet to see a local food pantry be able to get $100,000 on Kickstarter. It is amazing the amounts that people are willing to collectively pay for gimicky things that really do not help anyone (yes, I know, he’s bringing culture together), but if you suggest they toss five bucks to a food shelter, it’s not going to happen.

So that I can fully own my hypocrisy, I am guilty of it myself.

He brought up in the Kickstarter video that he has a desire to push back on the whole the ‘world is a dangerous place’ conventional wisdom. I love that.

I know an older couple who travel around in their RV and one of their favorite travel locations is mexico. They told one of my friends of Mexican descent this and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He started in a long rant about how dangerous what they were doing is and they just looked totally confused. It’s not that they are ignorant of the news, it’s that they have lots of personal experience and my friend? Never been to mexico outside of Tijuana and Ensenada.

Or ask any Filipino about visiting their country and they will tell you absolutely not, your white ass will be stabbed or kidnapped before you ever climb off the jeepney. Each region thinks the other is even more violent and very dangerous. I had to talk to a few fellow crackers who had actually been there before I realized maybe the locals didn’t know what they were talking about.

I even have a british friend who was honestly concerned about visiting us in the US again because of all the mass shootings. That really drove the point home just how much the news and ignorance can distort things.

I am sure you can get yourself killed if you want, but I like his message that the world isn’t anywhere close to as dangerous as people fear. And to prove that point he likes to travel to those locations we fear the most. Probably won’t change much but I appreciate the idea.

I get all my news on how safe a country is by checking with the dancing guy on youtube.

No, I prefer to get my news from more reliable sources, like rumor and small children.

If I attach a feelgood tagline to my own personal gain, Americans will give me money?

It’s just a marketing ploy it is. Do you guys believe Coke is going to make the world sing hand in hand, in perfect harmony?