Where to Buy a Bell?

I was at Home Depot on Sunday and decided that the fort I’m building could use a bell. My daughter could ring it to delight herself or just to annoy her brother (or both).

I asked one of the dudes with the organge aprons and he looked at me like I was from the moon.

“A bell?”

“Yeah, you know ‘ding-a-ling’”

“We got no bells,” he said. And then he stalked off.

I got a similar reaction from everyone else I asked. One lady even scowled at me and asked, “What kind of bell?”

What is it with bells? I’m thinking a nice brass bell with a little ornate bracket to hold it to the wall. Maybe a little knoted cord to grab onto to ring the clapper.

You would think Home Depot would have bells, but no. They don’t. And if you remind them about this deficiency, it just makes 'em mad.

http://www.brassbell.com, duh ;-)

Decent size music store will probably have them. Especially the kind that caters more to the high school/college marching and concert bands, rather than a Guitar Center type place.

Why does the question about where to purchase a bell seem to bring out the worst in people?

You mean like small ship’s bells?

Try here : http://www.seasidetreasures.com/

Or here : http://www.landfallnavigation.com/brassbell.html

I R confuzed!?

He gave a link to a place that sells a bell nearly identical to what you described? I too thought perhaps you wanted links to somewhere to get one. If not then the title is a bit confusing.

edit: these are not the bells you are looking for

edit: This might be a version of the bells you are looking for

Sorry, edited it to make my intent clearer :)

I don’t know about bells, but your treehouse needs ship’s wheel!

And a brass telescope! How fun for a kid. And the price isn’t any different than what you’d pay at some toy store for plastic junk!

I want children just so i can buy them fun toys.

You can buy fun toys for other people’s children and get the same joy.

Not if you hate other people’s kids. And really, who doesn’t?

No, no, no, you have it wrong… when you hate the other people’s kid’s parents, you gift the children with a noisy non-battery operated toy on them to drive the parents insane.

Loud wind up toys or junior percussion instruments are ideal.

I meant this thread to be a discussion of why the people at Home Depot seemed so hostile to my need to purchase a bell.

Because I can’t edit the thread title, I am now saddled with a title that requests assitance with a bell purchase. Can’t you people just know what I’m thinking despite my poor typing skills?

Andrew, I am not going to ask you again: Why does the question about where to purchase a bell seem to bring out the worst in people? :)

Wow, look how expensive those bells are!


A brass bell killed my Dad.

Wait, is this your cunning plan to get me to buy your daughter a bell?

You thought I was being ironic, but I am not. I am just curious why Home Depot clerks should be upset about my wanting to purchase a bell or perhaps Home Depot not having any bells to sell.


Because you are reminding them that they are both ignorant and impotent. Semi-skilled clerks in a place like Home Depot are small fish in incredibly small ponds, so they get straw-boss syndrome. You’re a near-minimum wage earner who knows about one thing, say, paint. Normally this would come with a dose of humility, but lo and behold, everyone you see during the day has a question about paint! You da man! Until, of course, some jackass comes up wanting to know where to get a friggin’ brass bell, and then acts all scandalized when you don’t know. What, does the sign say Paint And Navigational Aids? I don’t think so, now go fuck yourself, it’s time for my break.