Where to get rid of an old Computer

Have an old pc. case mobo and a cd drive that’s about it. Should I toss it? Is there someplace that would take something like that. Goodwill will not.

I think in California at least, it’s now illegal to dispose of “e-waste” except in authorized areas. I’m trying to google for info on where those authorized places would be. But so far haven’t found good info.

Goodwill might take it, dunno. But if you really mean to “throw it out” you are not supposed to go to a regular dump or dumpster, that much I know.

Ah this link may help.


How old? What are the specs? You can probably sell it on Ebay for like a dollar to somebody that needs one. Better than throwing it out, anyway.

I just read that if you buy an Apple in June or later (dunno if this is in your plans), they’ll include old computer recycling free, free shipping and everything. And from what I’ve read, dumping it in a landfill is just really, really bad for the environment.