Where to sell comic collection

Ok, I gots 10 long boxes of comics, mostly from the early 90’s. Bagged and boarded. Most dealers seem only interested in selling. Where do you reckon would be a good place to sell the whole collection? Or should I part it out on Ebay? I haven’t kept up with the values either. Is there a good online source for up-to-date prices? I guess that’s enough questions. :)

I’m in a very similar boat. The comics for re-sale market rots currently. You might want to talk to local shops about selling your stuff on consignment (they get a portion of the sales, but you keep anything unsold), which requires mostly space and very little overhead on their part.

But really, if you want to get anything over like 25% of market value for the stuff, you need to part it out on eBay or otherwise (area cons…). I’ve had and overheard multiple conversations with the LCS about it, and they just can’t buy books for even close to “fair price” and then hope to re-sell them to the public and not take a loss. So people come in, and find out that Book X lists for $10 and the LCS will only give them $3 for it and get pissed.

You’d make more money selling it to a 13 year old kid than a comic shop nowadays.

You might try:


It’s got an online price guide. Use the Search by Publisher/Keyword boxes to find your books. It even breaks prices down by condition.

The rest of the site has an ebay style auction for comics, forum, etc.

Other than that I second the notion that doling them out via auctions is a good idea. Going in bulk is a sure way to be disappointed. If you go the auction route, I might suggest trying entire runs with a high reserve first, and if that doesn’t work, single issues.

Ebay’s where you’ll get the most money.

BUT – to get decent bucks, you’ll want to bundle related books together rather than trying to sell big lots. Also be sure to include VERY good descriptions, and a picture if at all possible.

If you have a list of the books, though, send it my way first. :-)

A good cheap way to get a rough price guide is to pick up the latest copy of Wizard magazine.

Cheap bastards. Overstreet’s Guide is only 15 bucks.
I’m going through the same thing you are. I have 8 boxes myself (to sell; I have 13 boxes of comics I just CANNOT BEAR to part with), and I’m going with EBay. Just set up a PayPal account and charge a few bucks per lot for shipping (i.e. more than it really costs - some a-holes charge ten bucks to ship 5 comics) and you’ll make some money. If your still collecting, you’ll probably spend a lot too.


In all seriousness, you’ll be lucky to get 50 cents- $1.00/per book from any dealer (at a convention or at stores). Comics in the 1990s were seriously overproduced, so they have almost no value.

Your best bet, I think, is to do the ebay thing – you’re more likely to get someone to overpay on that because they’re nostalgic, or they don’t realize how much the market has evaporated.

What Desslock said. Worse, not only were there far too many produced to feed a speculator market, the vast majority of early '90s comics sucked, and sucked hard. I ended up clearing out most of my junk at four for $1 just to save my back.

Thanks for all the good suggestions. I’ll have to ponder awhile. Heck, I might just leave them in the closet another ten years.

Like Stefan said, 1990s stuff is worthless. You’re looking at well under a buck an issue. Probably more like a quarter a book, and that’s with runs. You’ve gotta get back to the early 1980s to get any value now, and even then you’re not going to get anything close to the supposed book values. I don’t even know why Overstreet still publishes. Nobody even comes close to those prices anymore, aside from Golden Age classics and stuff from the very early Silver Age. I love my collection – I’ve got something like 20,000 books from the start of the Marvel era through 1994, then picking up again in 1999, in God knows how many boxes – but I really wish I’d cashed out when the market went crazy in the late 80s and early 90s.