Where to sell unopened Games Workshop product

I’ve got scads of unopened GW WHFB (mostly 6ed) blister packs and even an unopened Empire and Skaven army box (the big box that came with tons of figures and the codex). I bought them when I was younger and stupid (or, more stupid!) with money and it’s just clutter now. I’d love to get around to painting them but carpal tunnel makes painting painful and the people I had intended to play with have moved on to other things.

Where / how would you recommend selling them? In a lot? Individually? eBay or somewhere else? I’m tempted to just toss them to a eBay seller we have here in town and be done with it, even though he’ll of course take a decent cut. I’m certainly not expecting original price, but I’m hoping I can get a couple of bucks or so for the blisters each and maybe a hundred-ish for each army box? Maybe I’m dreaming… Ultimately, however, it isn’t about the money but about the clutter…

eBay, or take them to a nearby hobby shop and find the kid without any, and sell them to him at an extremely reduced rate, and you’ll be a god to him forever.

What I would do is sell them on ebay but link the auction to the appropriate game on www.boardgamegeek.com

Haha, so they can see how poorly GW treats its fanbase and one of the best (if not the best) board game sites out there? That’d actually be pretty funny – especially if BGG has posted the cease and desist, I could link to that.

I thought you wanted the best way to sell them?

BGG has a bit of a backlash going on right now against GW, Lorini - and rightly so.

Honestly, it’s not that hard to sell stuff like that on Ebay. Spend a night doing a little research by searching auctions (both current and completed) for the particular figures, editions and box sets that you have, and you’ll get a pretty clear picture of the value of everything. Then you can decide which items to sell on their own, and which ones to throw together as a larger lot to increase the chance they’ll sell. Do you already have an Ebay account? If so, it’s the best way to go.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up an Ebay account and creating a bunch of auctions, you could use the Ebay seller you mentioned. Be aware that he’s likely to want at least 20% of the net profit, and that’s after Ebay and Paypal fees have been subtracted. Even if you go this route, it’s better to do the research yourself and inform the seller of the pricing and distribution of the auctions rather than to trust them to do the legwork for you.

Alternatively, if there is a big hobby shop near you where a lot of GW games are sold/played, you could post a flyer (with the stores permission of course) and try to sell the whole lot to a local individual or gaming group.

Craigslist: Ebay without the drama and fees.

I know about the backlash. What people have to know/remember is that BGG gets over 1M hits a day. Now about 250,000 of those hits come from people typing “Monopoly” into Google, but they still get 750K hits a day. A small minority of those people are vocalizing their discontent about GW. This does not mean that everyone who goes to BGG agrees with them or disagrees with them. If you are trying to sell GW products, you’d be foolish imo to believe that somehow they won’t sell there, particularly if you save yourself some grief and sell through Ebay instead of their marketplace.

All that being said, you can see my comments on the GW situation under this article. I’m Jennifer.

Also both I and corsair have seen a significant increase in bids/interests on Ebay game sales that we’ve listed there.

Oh sorry Lorini, I misunderstood you. I thought you were aware of and referring to BGG and GW’s situation and how there is significant anger at GW over there. I hadn’t thought of linking from BGG but will once the furor dies down (right now every GW product page has forum posts of “Stick it to GW!” and “I’m never buying from GW again!”). Thanks!

Edit: Just read your latest response… Yeah, I guess there isn’t a reason not to link from BGG – if someone is on BGG they’ll have run across the BGG/GW issue anyhow and be aware of it so it won’t affect my items selling either way. The eBay listing itself won’t link to the GW product page on BGG so that people that aren’t aware of the issue won’t get clued in that way. Thanks again, I’ll do that.

The anger is irrelevant to what you are trying to do, trust me. People will still bid on your stuff if you go through Ebay. Ebay gives them anonymity so they can yell and scream with the rest of the BGG crowd but still obtain all the stuff that GW makes.

No eBay account so the lack of feedback / history hurts. My mother does have a long-standing account, though, so I could list through her I suppose.

Yeah, his fee is 24% on top of the eBay / PayPal fees (about another 12%?). One good thing about him is that he used to own a hobby store and has been both a seller and consumer of GW products so he understands that space pretty well. I’ve used him in the past to sell some RPG books and while the bite he took hurt I was pleased with what he did get for my stuff.

I’ll probably start with this (or as originally suggested, maybe even look at it as an act of charity and help someone just starting out by unloading them at a deep discount and taking some joy out of seeing someone else really enjoy them). Thanks for the suggestions.


A friend of mine uses it quiet heavily to get rid of his excess stuff, as he doesn’t like ‘feebay’.

But it has the rather serious downside of interacting with someone in person. Craigslist users are odd people.

ebay. People are stupid and pay retail prices for stuff there.