Where would I go to hire people?

This is a question for the veteran gaming professionals who hang out on this board.

DoubleJump’s in fairly dire need of a decent layout artist, but we’re a bit clueless about where we should advertise the position. I’ve heard Craig’s List is a good place, but is there anywhere else I should check out?

Dice.com is popular and seems to have several jobs with that title listed already:

There’s always Monster.com or HotJobs.com, but while that reaches a lot of people it creates work in that you’ll get spammed with unqualified candidates along with the qualified ones.

If there’s a college with graphics design program in your area, contact their career placement office. They usually have job boards and notices for their graduating students and recent alums.

Also, contact people you know in the biz (in your organization or outside) and ask for referrals. Current employees often give the best referrals.

You might also try www.Gamasutra.com a lot of game companies advertise there.

I’ll have a Graphic Communications degree in about six weeks, but that’s probably not exactly what you want.

http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/default.asp It works a little like ebay, rather than a straight advertiseing agency; but is another usefull resource for coders and employers alike.

I had never heard of RentACoder, but that’s a pretty cool site. I found 4 or 5 things I would think about bidding on in the few minutes I took to look at it. Have you gotten jobs through there? Any bad experiences?

It’s a great way to hire Indian and Eastern European coders to create cookie cutter websites for cheap for customers that have no idea what they want beyond “like Yahoo, but better!”

Rent a coder is awesome. There are people on there willing to pay $35 for a full game engine. How much more awesome can you get than that.

yep like ebay, it cuts both ways - can be great/can be awful. I’ve never used it for anything more than a browse, but i know a few people who do use it and say its ok.

RAC has its ups and downs; i’ve found a few really good artists on there. But i’ve found just as many that were rather poor (I posted a project for an icon awhile back, just to see the quality of the samples I got).

Yes, it is filled with people as XPav described, so you have to pick and choose and be careful. But occasional gems can be found (and at “indie budget friendly” prices). :)

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