Where you get all those wonderful toys in Jetpack Joyride

Title Where you get all those wonderful toys in Jetpack Joyride
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When April 26, 2012

Jetpack Joyride was already really good. With today's free update, it's even gooder. However, I question the entire premise of this being a "free" update. Yeah, sure, it's free in that you don't have to pay anything when you get it..

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It's basically Helicopter( https://www.youtube.com/watch?... ) with bells and whistles right? Said bells and whistles end up throwing off the balance of a highscore based game. That doesn't seem very appealing. I did enjoy Helicopter when I should have been doing work back in high school though.

they probably ground out the gold and in the process got really good.

Tom, my high score in Jetpack Joyride is a mashed potato mountain composed of blood, sweat, and tears.

I do find that I get my best scores when I:
A) encounter more of the laser challenges (much easier to beat)
B) get the Crazy Frickin' Teleporter

4K? LOL. My best is 6250 or so. I had already bought everything that can be bought and had 360k gold just SITTING THERE when this update came out. I'm surprised the gadgets where that cheap, but then JJ has been my favoite way to kill time at work for months now, and I've logged an embarrassing 1900+ games at this point, and have unlocked 2...uh, 26 I think badges. 27 maybe now. Gold is REALLY easy to get, you can easily get 250-500g per game, that's between 10-20 games at 30 seconds each per gadget - so let's do some math quick, and you can get all those gadgets in less than an hour of game time.

Here is a tip - when you get a vehicle, you ALWAYS get two (sometimes three!) groups of coins! Grab the magnetic upgrade for all vehicles FIRST (they are the only non gadget upgrade that affects the game itself anyway) so you can scoop up all those delicious coins with your vehicle. THEN DITCH THE VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY. You always get a final group of coins when a vehicle is destroyed. Now, you are also going to encounter ANOTHER vehicle soon! Rinse and repeat. You'll get more distance, the pace will advance a bit smoother (since you aren't spending 800m in a vehicle.....), and you'll get a ton of coins that way, too. Enjoy! Such a grat time sink.

Also, lastly, I put $1 into the game since I'd had so much fun with it and haven't otherwise dropped a dime to get the piece of equipment that doubles your coins. It's a no brainer to kick a buck at these guys (for me).

I got the missile jammer but there are no kittens!
Are there meant to be kittens?
I want kittens.

I know how u feel...I was looking forward to the kittens...but there are NONE!!!