Where's Cheney?

Attention! We appear to have lost the Vice President of the United States. If anyone has credible information on his whereabouts during the worst natural disaster to hit the US in 100 years, share it with us. Thank you.

Masterminds never leave their volcanic-island strongholds.

He is in a bunker. Hiding.

Just imagine the thousands of strings he’s having to pull right now.

The vice president has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the vice president?

+5, Funny

Prefunctory Googling suggests the last he was heard from was a videoconference from Wyoming.


We can only assume he was stranded in Wyoming by a stray breeze from Katrina…!

He’s still in the shop having his robotic brain and body parts serviced. The reboot is estimated to occur next week.

He better spring for the rust proofing.

As of yesterday morning (August 31), when he participated in a videoconference from Wyoming, there is no evidence that Cheney will be cutting short his home-state vacation.

I guess when the situation calls for strong leadership, courage, and not sneering at your lessers, there isn’t much for Cheney to do.

Doesn’t this pretty much kill any chance of Cheney running for President in '08? The smear campaign would only need one ad.

He’s never had a chance. Between his health problems, Halliburton, and his demeanor, Cheney is unelectable. The party realizes this, and so does Cheney.

What I want to know is can Chaney run for VP again with a new marionette?

No no, not VP again. We’d have to come up with a new position. Let’s see, he’s done Veep, Sec of Def… how about Food and Beverage Manager?

Found him!

He’s never had a chance. Between his health problems, Halliburton, and his demeanor, Cheney is unelectable. The party realizes this, and so does Cheney.[/quote]

I thought the same thing about the coke snorting draft dodger who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Much to my dismay he was elected TWICE.

Lot of histrionics on this board and as much as I’d like to believe things are going to change, they fucking won’t and you know it. 8 months from now it’ll be business as usual. Yes I know it’s going to take fucking YEARS to rebuild NO but the histrionics and hyperbole (all of it justified) that we’ve seen from reporters, celebs, and politicians will have subsided and nobody will give a shit anymore.

Anything’s possible but I have to admit seeing Fox reporters acting like their remote robot controllers gone wacky is something. Reading the transcript of David Brookes saying he’s mad at Bush for letting the poorest and most vulnerable citizens of NO down and claiming that when he looks at Bush he sees what Mark Shields sees (his liberal opposite number in the News Hour segment) now. This stuff I’ve never, ever, seen before. You also got the fact that even before this Iraq was causing bad friction within the ranks - this might just the way pissed off Republicans can just let it all hang out while saving face over their past decisions. I think it’s possible New Orleans will stick around on the public mind for months if not years to come.

Groan. At least somebody will profit from this disaster. :-/