Where's my DTS track?

So I got the extended edition of Gladiator that has just been released. Some scenes were reinserted into the film that flesh out the good stuff (fighting, gladiators, politics) while thankfully diminishing the prominence of the retarded Commodus incest story. Also, there are two disks with extras and a new commentary.

That would be nice, except… the new version doesn’t have a DTS soundtrack. Only Dolby Digital 5.1.

The original Gladiator DVD had a fantastic DTS 6.1 soundtrack, the best on any DVD I know. The comparison to the DD 5.1 soundtrack shows that it was also necessary to properly separate the music and the complex sound recording.

I don’t know why it’s not on the extended edition – maybe it’s simply too long, or else they didn’t want to spend the money to remix everything in DTS. Anyway, it’s very annoying. I now have two editions of Gladiator: one that sounds good, and one that has a decent story. :?

Will the new HD-DVD or BluRay formats fix this? Or will the HD pictures take up so much space that there still won’t be enough left for a good soundtrack? I’m not sure I need a higher image quality but I really hate not getting the best sound quality that’s already available…

Dude thats just odd.

More movies need DTS IMHO 5.1 just doesnt cut it anymore.

From what I’ve read the DTS track was cut due to space issues.

I believe there are actually various multi-channel lossless audio codecs from Dolby and DTS that should be supported by next gen formats. HD-DVD may have a capacity issue, though.

I was mad I never got the Bourne Identity before it went special edition and dropped its DTS track too. I hate that they do that.