Where's that, "You gamers are losers" thread?

There was a thread a while ago that was posted by some guy that said gamer’s were losers, and we were wasting our lives gaming. That he sold his computer and ps2 and was going to run a bunch of cafes and get rich?

I seriously need to bookmark it, as I’d like to re-read it to get temporarily motivated to clean my house. :D

It was by AIM. Search through his posts.

Just do a search of Usenet (google groups) on the same keywords - comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.* hierarchy in particular. Somebody posts essentially the same thing at least once a year (and each time they think they’re being original).

Or at least they used to. I don’t read Usenet as closely anymore, the troll factor might’ve dropped off too.

WOOT! You guys rock! Thank you :) It’s this thread: http://www.quartertothree.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=15237&highlight=

Hehe, it may sound like a joke, but once in a while I need a kick in the butt to become more productive at home when I’m feeling sick. Ironically as much as I think this guy is a total moron, the thread helps.

AIM is one strange guy.

Wasn’t it a year or year and a half ago when his life was in ruins?

Yes and his life’s goal was to teach disturbed children. He bragged how much money ED teachers make in his state. Over $30K a year was the number he threw around.

Wait, you mean that post was serious?!? Hahahahah

That was a pretty good thread. Too bad it didn’t motivate me to do anything more than what I was already going to do. :)

He did? To whomever chided me for insulting him in that last thread because AIM was so obviously joking: clicky gun hands at you, pal.


Though this would be the definitive AIM teaching thread, with extra bonus Jon R. action.

Is there a word for taking joy out of the reading of hilariously bad train-wreck threads? Sort of like schadenfreude?

Unfortunately not. There’s also no word for the perverse taking of joy in reading the reviews of a particularly bad movie or game, either, though there should be.


Wow, that thread was awesome.
-Jon R. used to teach piano? “Great. Just great, Skyler. No, butchering Chopin is simply the best.” (Slams down piano cover on Skyler’s hands)
-Never start tossing out credentials of any kind as retorts. I guess a lot of people missed the ElRavager “Diplomas to Prove I’m an Expert in HTH Combat” post. Additionally, don’t admit you had to use Word to spellcheck your post properly.

I have subscribed this newsgroup for a month. I thought you people are
discussing all kind of strategy games. Since i am also crazy about
turn-based all real-time strategy games, I had great expectation on this
group. But you all f_cking people have only big mouse. Many people
follow the someone’s notes (totally not related to strategy games), and
those f_cking messages gave me f_cking headache. I know you all have
to speak or write, but you people are doing too much.
Since old man says "NOBody scares shit to avoid, but they avoid because
its f_cking dirty. I will stop subscribing this fucking newsgroup.
If you have any other words, fuck you.

azzl - are you on drugs or something?

azzl’s just quoting from an infamous Usenet post from a few years back.

Haha, yeah, big mouse, that was great.

I love that post. The absurdity of the phoenetic errors, the self-censorship (on Usenet, of all places) of the f-word (except at the end and oh yeah, the title in all-caps), the vague is-it-or-isn’t-it OMM ref. Classic.

Oh, hehe! :oops: