Where's the Beef err...The Game Ending

Is it me or have game endings just gotten incredibly short? I invest a lot of time in games but with the exception of the final fantasy series and their 10 min endings I can’t remember the last game I played that had a rewarding ending. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy the games, but where
reward for beating the game.


Seems to me that most game’s endings have always been short and unfulfilling.

Yeah, they’re generally short. I remember being let down by the dinky ending for Ultima III back in '85 (“Thou hast won in 173261 moves! Report thy feat!!!”).

Can’t think offhand of too many games that have had really good endings. Uh, Questron had a great one. So did BG2-Throne of Bhaal. Oh yeah, and Icewind Dale – best final cutscene ever.

Blizzard games have good endings.


Just to set the fox loose in the henhouse…

Who cares? Nobody gets to the endings anyway! :)


I’ve always thought that endings were an important part of the game. For example I loved the ending of Skies of Arcadia cause it felt like it wrapped everything up nicely. I was happy with it. Where as the ending to Jedi Knight 2 was so bad I couldn’t believe I had played through the whole game for that. I felt so letdown by it.

Mafia had a cool ending.

The only ending I’ve bothered to get to in years was in Torment. It was kind of short, but not too bad.

I was shocked by how unsatisfying the ending(s) to Deus Ex were after all the effort and chit chat that had gone into getting me there.

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At the end of Harbinger, the main character wipes his ass with a copy of the Koran.

I was shocked by how unsatisfying the ending(s) to Deus Ex were after all the effort and chit chat that had gone into getting me there.

From some moron’s review on Games Domain:

“…this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with your choice of a quote from Milton, Voltaire, or Kahlil Gibran.”

Personally, I’m hoping for something from Rilke in DX2. :)


Myth had a good end cutscene. I seem to remember really liking Fallout’s ending, but to be honest I don’t remember what it was, just that I liked it.

Yeah, what kind of moron doesn’t like Deus Ex?

Fallout: best. ending. Evar.

still working on Fallout 2…

Nicely put.

I have to say that my suspension of disbelief remained higher then yours, but when every choice in the game is supposed to have global effects the globe I wanted to see wasn’t the one hanging in that hand.

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Fallout had the cool “here are the consequences of your in-game choices” ending, with epilogues covering the fates of the various locales you visited. FO2 does something similar.

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The best thing about that was that, as in real life, the consequences weren’t predictable. A humanitarian, well-intentioned choice made could lead to horrible unintentional (yet plausible) consequences in at least one or two cases… The feature wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it hadn’t had this complexity, which set it apart from the typical “reward/punishment” system based on good and bad deeds.

The ending of Outcast was very rushed - considering the long process to get there. But to me the cast dancing in the arena after the credits rolled more than made up for it. It took me completely by surprise.

The ending in Mafia was awesome… And I didn’t see it coming, which made it even better.

A great game, if only the driving was a little more interesting.

Thief, as I remember, had a good ending. It set up the sequel too.