Where's the colour?

Problem: My monitor suddenly doesn’t show the colours green and red.

Today I reassembled my computer after a day of home maintenance when it had been stowed away and to my utter surprise my monitor no longer shows the colours red and green. I double-checked the monitor cable, rebooted and still the same problem. A quick test with another monitor proves it, it’s not a general graphics problem, there’s something wrong with my monitor. Strange though, in the monitor’s built-in menu system is showing all colours. Could someone help me?

Oh please don’t let this be the death of my monitor, it’s only two bloody years old :(

If the monitor can generate the colors, then the problem has to be with the circuitry that processes the signal from the video card.

If the built-in menus are showing all the colors and another monitor works fine on the some computer, then the guns aren’t dead. Soo… My first thought would be the monitor cable. Does the monitor have a removable cable, or is it hardwired?

Otherwise, it could be the circuit board. But that’s cheaper to replace than the tube…

[size=2](Resisting temptation to make “Blue Screen of Death” joke in this stressful time.)[/size]

My monitor was losing red in the upper-left corner. Turning it off and back on helped. So, in the extremely unlikely event that you have hooked and unhooked monitors, but never turned it off, try that.

Ok, the other monitor I used had a non-removable cable, but one of my hallmates was kind enough to let me try with his cable and that worked. Thankfully it looks like I only need to by a new cable. Annoying, but not financially crippling.