Where's the DaveC/Tom Ohle hype machine?

I mean it is only 2 days before the NWN expansion: Shadows of Urutide and not a peep. I am not all that surprised that Dave is quiet as he is not a shameless, self-promotional whore, but Ohle…yeesh!

Serious note: Is anyone picking it up or are we all NWNed out?

I’ll be picking it up. I loved Neverwinter Nights, and yes, the main campaign. I beat it twice and started it with new characters multiple times.

No shit.

They didn’t even spam out a press release. Talk about a stealthy launch.

I think I am going to wait for the early returns. Mostly to see what Jonah Falcon says, but also to see what some of you fanatics/enthusiasts think about it.

It has been eerily quiet…

SOU has more of the Ha-Ha than the original NWN.

I was actually curious because the release has all of the under-the-radar markings of a piece of software from an unknown developer that is too afraid to send out any preview copies because it sucks ass. This is obviously not an unknown developer, but I have not seen much written about it. Maybe I have not looked hard enough.

Just a theory. Not trying to rile anyone up. :)

EDIT: I take it all back. There is a riveting interview regarding and decription of the main characters from the expansion at Gamespy. While I could easily provide a link, I cannot imagine who really wants to know where the idea for Rogan the Dwarven magician came from…

Oh hell. I guess some of you probably do.

GameSpy: Dwarven magician. You don’t hear that combination a lot. Why did Drogan choose that profession? After adventuring for so long and against such enemies, how is it he ended up in such a remote village as Hilltop?

Do tell.

You’ll have to clarify this with Tom, but I’m pretty sure review copies went out last week.

Just tryin’ to stir up a little buzz.

[sarcasm off] Thanks for the reply Dave. :) [sarcasm on]

Actually, preview copies went out to select pubs in May, and review copies have been in people’s hands since last week.

Feedback’s been pretty positive so far. And the “unknown developer” bit isn’t totally fitting… FloodGate’s a new studio that contains some really good people, some from Looking Glass, some not… but BioWare also played a large part in the development of the expansion–we’ve been finishing up the design for the last two months here.

Considering the size of the MP community, this will be a huge seller no matter how good it is. It only takes one DM to buy it - then every one in his/her campaign will have to buy it to stay compatible.

When will this be in store, BTW? The Mrs. is anxious to get her grubby little mitts on the desert tileset.


Tom, I sent you an email requesting specific assistance with the Undrentide expansion. Did you get it? (In case you didn’t, I’m reviewing it for CGM, and need a CD key or the specific cipher in order to install it.)

Please email me at: [email protected] when you get a chance. If you already have, thanks!

Well, I actually followed that up with, “This isn’t an unknown developer, however.” I can understand most people reading the first and last sentences of my posts, though. That middle part is just blathering filler. :)

Look forward to hearing more about the antics of that crazy Dwarven magician and what he is up to these days.

Kasavin must have heard my frantic call for feedback and posted his review. Of course, it is Gamepost, so I had to actually read the review as I have totally lost all concept of what Good and 7.8 mean.

After the fans of the community are bled of a few more dollars, can you folks see it in your hearts to start Witch’s Wake back up? Thanks.

Damn, I’ve been drinking in the wrong places!

Damn, I’ve been drinking in the wrong places![/quote]

I think he meant to say select Bubs.

I didn’t get mine until June Ty.

I’m shocked (:shock:) at Greg Kasavin’s screed against the nwn engine. that’s about the last item I’d pick to criticize in the original game. If the expansion is so good that the graphics are a notable flaw, I should pull out my wallet right now.

I was hoping he’d state whether he thought the new campaign was better than the first. I infer from the tone of his review that he thought the new campaign was as good or less so because he said it wasn’t as epic.