Where's the Drama gone?


Have you read the Elemental thread?

HA! I have been thinking that the last several weeks. Related thoughts have occurred to me as to why and how in the world has the utter collapse of Qt3 as a place to intelligently discuss all manner of things has not happened.

I’m trying to parse that sentence, Tyler. Are you saying Qt3 has NOT declined, but you expected it to do so for some reason?

Re-reading it, it does make little sense. I ain’t to good with the words. Try to cram too many thoughts into one sentence.

I was referring to the doom and gloom that always pops up about how we are going into the crapper around here with the bannings and such and then things become relatively normal again and we all enjoy Qt3 until the next incident.

That’s not much better. :)

Guess Tom must have banned the right four people. /MartinSheen

I’ve maintained in some of the threads about the collapse of QT3 that a lot of the drama stuff is cyclical. It seems to wax and wane. I’m sure there will be a ton of it at some point in the future.

There are still occasional outbreaks here, but the drama is largely confined to the work prisons and religious re-education camps run by Tom “Jack is my dad” Chick.

In before thread lockdown.

We are in a Golden Age!!!

Let’s have a We Love the King Day!!!

I ate the drama. Sorry.

Also, just because I like this image so much:

It’s all my fault. I joined recently and forgot to bring the drama. Sorry!

I bite my thumb at you.

The first rule of Drama Club is, you don’t talk about Drama Club.

My first thought too!


It’s Drama.

Tom was all

then there was

and for a while everybody got all

but now most of us are


(And just to be clear, that’s an attempt to be silly and amusing, and nothing more. No meta-commentary intended.)