Where's the thread on Extras?

I know this has been played out in England, but in the US, the third episode of the second season has just aired on HBO.

Is it me or is Ricky Gervais a comedy god? The combination of the cringe factor of Ricky’s character and the insane behavior of the a-list celebrities has me reeling in laughter. The most recent episode with Daniel (?) Radcliffe, the kid who played Harry Potter, passing himself off as a swinging adult, complete with already-opened-condom he keeps in his pocket was hilarious. Watching Orlando Bloom refer to Johhny Depp as Johnny Wanker was equally fantastic.

I’m kicking myself for not watching the first season of this and will be watching them eagerly via on demand and I kick myself for not listening to Gervais/Merchant’s podcasts and will be trying to get them via ITunes or Audible.

Please tell me I’m not the only one enjoying this show.

My sense of humour must be different. I’ve never thought of anything Ricky Gervais does as being cringe worthy. On the other hand, I think Jim Carrey’s homour is exteremely cringe worthy.

I too love this show. The Samuel L. Jackson bit was hilarious. But then, I love racial homour. Kate Winslet was also hilarious. As was Patrick Stewart.

It’s not just you. I’ve become obsessed with him lately. If you want more after you’re done with this season of Extras, look into downloading the archives of The Ricky Gervais Show, both the XFM radio version and the podcast version. There’s a large backlog of both (which I’ve sadly exhausted), and it’s all phenomenal.

I meant cringe-worthy in a good way, much like how his character on The Office acted.

He was a guest on Opie & Anthony XM radio for about two hours yesterday and it was an absolute pleasure listening to him, even though O&A did not know his scope of work beyond The Office (fortunately callers and another dj was able to ask more current questions).

My favorite was his retelling of someone in an interview who was asked what three items would he rescue if his flat was on fire. ‘Well, first thing would be my cat. Then, I guess it would be my salamander. Third thing I’d have to say would be one of the twins.’

I like Gervais. Can’t stand Extras. Gave this season a try. Worse IMO. Except for Bowie.

You can’t stand Extras? Are you having a laugh? IS HE HAVING A LAUGH?

Man, I’ve been dying to use that.

I’ve loved the second season so far, and that Bowie song scene was comedy genius.

I love everything Ricky Gervais does and have been LOL’ing constantly of this second season of Extras so far. The first episode I found particularly awesome because the scenes with his female friend (arrgh, can’t remember her name) were equally hysterical—with her bitch girlfriend’s increasingly insulting attempts to “help” her, as well as her indifference to Orlando Bloom. Awesome actress.

It’s Shit!

Same. I tried to like it during the first season, but I couldn’t. Oh well.

“It’s a shitcom!”

I watch this show & I laugh so hard I can’t stop myself.

Is there a web site which provides a guide for this show for Americans? For example, the newscaster who read for the part on “When the Whistle Blows” (not sure of the title) – is he a real newscaster? Are the BBC show hosts real TV personalities? I can’t imagine Katie Couric participating in a sitcom scene where she tries to identify “Mongoloids”.

She’s also on Ugly Betty.

I just watched the episode with Chris Martin on HBO On Demand. I think that’s honestly my favorite episode of this season, followed by the one with Bowie.

To just be sitting there, thinking Bowie may be feeling some sympathy and then you realize he was formulating a song in his head and then gets the whole bar involved while you sit there in shame and agony. Excellent!

I love the show as well and that scene played over and over in my head is still funny.

The whole thing with Bloom in the previous episode was great, too. Only six episodes at a time make me want to weep.

The fact that there will not be a third season makes me weep. According to Ricky on an interview with Opie & Anthony, he is working on a new series that takes place in a stuffy corporate building (it is a famous name for Brits but I forget the name of it) during the 70s during the sexual revolution. I don’t know how far he’s gotten with it though.

Also, anyone know how I can get the podcasts? I missed this and it seems ITunes won’t let me buy it as I’m not Australian and I’m not sure I want to sign up for Audible just to buy them.

I like the fact that Gervais isn’t content to just recycle the same series. The Office ended perfectly - better than any show besides Six Feet Under, in my opinion - so anything else would have been pointless. Extras was already stretching the premise a bit thin, and another season of famous people mocking themselves would have become grating. Always leave 'em wanting more, right?

By the way, his latest series Ricky Gervais Meets is fantastic - he interviews his favourite comedians for an hour. Larry David is awesome, Garry Shandling is a total prick, and Christopher Guest is more relaxed than I’ve ever seen him in any other interview.

Does she speak with an American accent? I love her native Scottish voice.

Edit: I just read on Wikipedia that Ashley Jensen’s agent in Hollywood is Samuel L. Jackson’s agent. Brilliant!

David Bowie sings Pug nosed face to Ricky Gervais (Andy Millman) in Extras

David Brent Microsoft Industrial part 1 part 2

David Brent - If you dont know me by now
David Brent songs

Gervais on Creation

I still like Gervais, and I’m going to keep watching for the good parts of each episode, but Extras just makes me so angry. His agent is just too stupid for words, for believability, for enjoyment. It’s painful to watch in a way that’s gone far beyond the “funny because it’s sorta painful to watch” humor (humour!) of The Office. Likewise Maggie, she’s just dumb. It’s amazing Andy talks to her at all, yet every episode like clockwork he has some conversation with her that she invariably repeats to the wrong person. How does he not just ditch her?

I too wondered why Merchant wasn’t fired long ago, but I’m glad he’s there because his goofy looks just make him perfect for the role. Watching the most recent US episode last night with Sir Ian McKellan was certainly the most painful episode to date to have to watch, in particular with Ricky at the end of the play. I went from cringing to laughing and back and forth, it was sublime.
The issue with Maggie was touched upon slightly with the last episode of the first season (with Patrick Stewart). It seems like Maggie is daft as a rock, but has a good heart and she has a minor epiphany about ‘growing up’ after getting the voice mail from her parents. It doesn’t help with her doing it all over again in season 2, but the apology/making up is there.