Where's Tom Chick?

Where’s my favorite game writer?

Where did he go? He don’t post no more. He acting again?





He’s at the gym.

Cruising Junior High?

Only posts when he has something to say unlike some other people around here…

I’m here. I’ve just been in lurk mode.

He acting again?

Actually, if you make sure not to blink, you might recognize one of the reporters in this season of West Wing (episodes 3 and 5). Not so much ‘acting’ as ‘showing up to deliver your line’.


When do those episodes come out? Cool your not dead!


I suspect Tom thinks it’s pretty cool he’s not dead, either.


What the heck do you look like?

Can someone post the picture of Tom wearing his beret?

Just look for this guy:

I’m such a fangirl.

— Alan

Well, I do kind of look like one of those pictures up there. To give folks a hint, I don’t wear glasses and I don’t have an incompreheinsible subtitle printed along the bottom of me.


Congratulations, Tom. A little extra cash to feed the monkey… or is the monkey feeding you?

He’s dreeeeeeeaaammy.
(also: needs more roses, and/or cherry blossoms)

He’d dream your what?

Even the best of us do typos. And now and then, I do it too.

So, when you said “two chicks at once,” you really meant “two Tom Chicks at once”?

So, when you said “two chicks at once,” you really meant “two Tom Chicks at once”?[/quote]
To preserve Tom’s mental health, I’ll avoid commenting that issue.

Having a mid-life crisis?