Whether weather affects your pleasure. (Weather Gaming)

So are there any particular genres or titles that you find yourself going back to when the first snow falls, or when the rain is pounding on your rooftop? Do your gaming habits change when it’s cold or hot outside? Do you have any holiday favorites that you like to load up during the Halloween or Christmas seasons (that you rarely play otherwise)?

Feel free to talk about movies or books as well!

Every fall I’m compelled to load up Witcher 3 and immerse myself in its large open landscapes with its trademark blustery wind. The sound and environment guys absolutely nailed the perfect feeling for me.

That’s a good one. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl is one of my go-to Fall games for similar reasons. It’s a game that I like to hunker down and get immersed in once the days begin to shorten and the temperature starts to drop.

For the last 10+ years I’ve played a full game of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Galactic Conquest mode on New Year’s Day. It takes a few hours usually and I used to just power through in one sitting but now Dad life means it might be an all day affair on and off. Haven’t missed one since I started!

Baldur’s Gate and other fantasy RPGs in the winter, JA2 in the summer.