Which 360 to get?

I’m sure this is covered in another thread, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m getting a 360 for Christmas but don’t know which one yet. I currently don’t have an HDtv, but will get one at some point in the future. I’m excited about xbla, but don’t plan to use my system to download television shows or movies.

Do I need an Elite? According to Microsoft’s website, the normal 360 does support HDMI, but it does not include the cables. So if I get a normal system, when I do get an HDtv, I should be able to purchase HDMI cables and have the same fidelity as an Elite system. Is this correct?


I got the rrod, and the replacement was a normal model with an HDMI thing, and a free Marvel whatever, and Forza whatever. It didn’t come with a cable, but you can by those for like 1 cent to the foot online apparently.

I think now the Elite just gets you a black console with a bigger hard drive. I’ve had mine for almost two years now and I haven’t needed anything more than the 20 gigs they give you (yet) as Microsoft allows you to redownload any content that you’ve paid for whenever you want (assuming it’s still hosted on their servers, but I haven’t seen them drop any paid content yet). One of these days I’m probably going to want to get the bigger hard drive though.

Thanks guys!

I would probably go with the elite. not having to decide what demo I’m going to delete today would be nice, especially during this christmas flood, I’ve deleted a bunch of stuff without playing. also, if there’s any chance you’ll be downloading movies/tv shows the additional hard drive space is necessary, but it’s not a killer if you don’t get it.

I’d say the Elite is probably worth getting now. I haven’t need more than 20 Gigs yet, but with the Xbox Originals being released starting December 1st, if I ever want to get any of those games and have them all stored on the hard drive, I’m going to start running low on space. 120 Gigs would give nice breathing room.

Oh, and make sure you buy your 360 between November 21st and December 21st if you want a free copy of Halo 3 mailed to you from Microsoft.

Has anyone heard of any black friday sales on the 360 or is it still too soon?

FWIW, I’ve been really happy with my Elite.

You may never need more than 20 gigs, but it’s nice not to have to worry about whether or not you’ve gone over it.

I envy those with versions of the machine that don’t sound like a floor polisher.

With download Xbox games, I’d go elite personally. If that holds no interest for you, then premium is more than enough.

You don’t need HDMI to do hi-def. Component works great.
The HDMI cable sells for 50 bucks separately, so you’re really wasting money if you don’t plan to use that cable.

To me, the extra HD space is completely pointless UNLESS you want to use the 360 as a media hub for music etc. or plan to download a lot of HD content from the marketplace.

I love my Elite, and I don’t download games at all, really. But if I want to, I can. And if the games later in the generation need to put stuff on my HD, I’ve got the space. And it just looks slick.

Oh, and HDMI cables are absolutely NOT $50, unless you get scammed by a name.

Yeah, there are plenty of places that sell cheap HDMI cables.

One is here.

Microsoft’s HDMI cable bundle is $50, and it’s required if you want optical audio. If you use HDMI for audio you can stick with monoprice.

media hub for music? even if you rip cd’s onto the 360, you can’t get them off, only play them. your media hub would be elsewhere, and then streamed to the 360. the hard drive has nothing to do with that.

Does the elite come with the optical audio cable?

Yes it does. (From what I’ve heard).

I don’t think so, none of the 360’s come with the optical cable, it just has a port for one on the hdmi cable.

My elite did not have an optical audio cable included, but I had a few laying around already anyway.

I think there is some conflicting information in here when it comes to the Elite as people are talking about slightly different things, I’m pretty sure the Elite comes with the audio breakout HDMI cable that you have to pay $50 for if you buy a non-Elite. You still need to buy the actual toslink audio cable because that doesn’t come with any 360 but the audio breakout HDMI cable that solves the HDMI/AV ports being too close together comes with the Elite, AFAIK (I don’t own an Elite but I looked into all of this stuff when I bought my HDMI Premium and the lack of the audio breakout box with the Premium almost caused me to buy an Elite but I still went with the Premium).

Basic recap:

If you buy a Premium and intend to use HDMI for video output but toslink optical for sound, you need to buy a special $50 audio breakout HDMI cable because the 360 doesn’t actually have a toslink port on the unit, it is always integrated into the AV cable being used. The Premium includes both HDMI ports and a component AV cable (where the toslink connection lives usually) but the ports are so close together you can’t physically fit both into the machine at once. If you buy the Elite it comes with this breakout box. In both cases you still need to buy a toslink audio cable (which you can buy very cheap from monoprice, or still pretty cheap at Radio Shack or whatever as long as you stay away from Monster and such). If you buy the Premium you can actually hack the component AV cables that come with it with a dremel or similar cutting tool to make it suitable to fit into the AV port while the HDMI port is in use and get the toslink audio out to avoid paying for the breakout box because the problem is a space issue (normal AV cable and HDMI don’t fit into the system at the same time because the ports are too close together).

The elite doesn’t come with an optical audio cable, but it does come with an optical audio dongle, which is what you buy Microsoft’s $50 HDMI bundle for.

You see, if you have a HDMI cable plugged in, the normal component dongle won’t fit, so you have to use the HDMI audio. Which is fine, if you have a HDMI switching receiver or you’re just using your TV’s speakers.

Alternatively a bunch of sites say that if you split the plastic cover on the component dongle it fits fine. But really, fuck that.

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